Smithfield Interview

Sarah Russo caught up with Smithfield for an interview.  Due to the tragic Hurricane Harvey, Smithfield will be donating all proceeds when you download their single “When You’re Gone” this week!
Sarah: You recently just wrapped up The Highway Finds Tour. What was that experience like?
Smithfield: It was incredible! Our first 26 city major tour was a big success. We know how big XM is, but didn’t realize how BIG it’s reach really was until this tour. About mid way through the tour we started to sell out almost every show. We along with our tour mates Drew Baldridge and Steve Moakler, were absolutely blown away by the sell out shows and response from fans showing up. it will be a tour we will never forget.
Sarah: Where has been your favorite place to tour thus far?  Hopefully Boston !!
Smithfield: Boston was awesome for sure! BUT we are Texans and got to play our home cities ( Houston and Dallas) for the first time since we moved to Nashville. So naturally those were are favorites!!
Sarah: At CMA Fest, what was it like to play your new songs like for your fans?
Smithfield:This year was our best turn out for fans at CMA fest yet! So cool to see everyone sing along to “Hey Whiskey” this year. It was so special to see so many fans singing along with us!
Sarah: I loveeee your song “When You’re Gone”!  Was anyone in particular a muse for it?
Smithfield: Thank you! Actually, yes! Our co- writer Brennin had mentioned how sexy his wife is when they go out and she has a little bit too much to drink. He said that she tears up the dance floor, lets her hair down, and just lets loose and has a good time! She inspired this song, along with all the other cute tipsy girls out there!
Sarah:  What do you have planned for the remainder of the summer and the fall?
Smithfield: We are all over the country playing shows, so we hope that fans will come out and meet us for the first time since they know who we are now!! We are playing almost every country music festival in the country so there are a lot of opportunities to come see us.

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