ALBUM REVIEW: Andy Velo “Blue Collar Cruise”

If you’ve been following me on twitter for awhile, you should know all about Andy Velo. He put out his first EP in 2012 but I didn’t catch onto him until early last year and I’ve been dying to see him live ever since! Take a listen to “Southern Thing” and the oh-so-hilarious “I Can’t Wait to Tap That” when you’re done reading. As much as I loved listening to his self-titled EP on repeat, only four songs just weren’t doing it for me. I couldn’t contain my excitement when he tweeted about working on new material and when he finally announced an album release date for “Blue Collar Cruise“. I was ready to preorder it, when the option became available. Now I’ve been listening to BCC nonstop for days.

I think Andy had all the girls jumping at the bit when he asked “Hey girl, How You Wanna Roll?” on twitter. What I absolutely love about this song is that the girl is in control, he is just happy to be spending time with her no matter what they’re doing. It was such a great choice to kick off the feel of the album. So how do I wanna roll? Windows down, music cranked, flyin’ down the back road. And yes, I will be driving the big jacked up truck.

Hey girl, how you wanna roll
We can crank it up or take it real slow
Boot’s on the gas, feet on the dash
Kickin’ dust up fast down Airport Road
It’s your world so girl tell me this
What’s it gonna take to taste that kiss
I’m ready to go, all I wanna know is
Hey girl, how you wanna roll

Blue Collar Cruise makes me want to grab the box of dusty ol’ inner tubes from my garage, all of my friends, a cooler or two and go floatin’ down the Edisto River. It’s the ideal Southern thing to do in the Lowcountry of South Carolina during the summer. Some of the best memories can be made on a slow float down the river. If nothing else, it gives you a much needed break from the fast lane. It’s part of the simple life. Who’s ready to jump off a rope swing? If you’ve never experienced a “Blue Collar Cruise, I hope this song adds a task to your bucket list.

Floatin’ along on hydro power
1.1 2 miles an hour
Soaking up the summer sun
Kickin’ back drinkin’ cold ones
With a redneck kinda attitude
And a patched up old inner tube
Ain’t first class but it’ll do
For a blue collar cruise

Being from what is sometimes still considered a small town, I can definitely relate to “Outrun This Small Town“. As much as I say I want to leave, small towns beat out city lights any day and roots aren’t so easily buried. You may think leaving is easy, but as in this song, you may be leaving someone behind. Here the boy wishes the best for his love in her newfound future but wishes she would return to that ol’ small town.

Those city lights can’t burn so bright
They hid your pretty redneck
Bury your roots up in that highrise
But you can’t just up and forget
Don’t wanna get gone
Leave all you want
Say you won’t be back around
But you can’t outrun this small town

When you see a song that includes “dirt road” you think about racing, kicking up dust, blaring music through open windows, and partying in a tailgate circle. But “Roll of a Dirt Road” is just a boy and a girl out on a dirt road taking in the view, falling in love, possibly tangled up in each other. I can see this song being Andy’s first radio single. P.S. I harass Sirius XM The Highway about needing to play his music every time they send me an email regarding my thoughts on the songs they play.

I wanna see you layin’ back out there with me lost in a melody
Out on a county road diggin’ out the country scenes
You’re a sexy little something pretty sweet thing
Danglin’ bare feet swingin’ off my tailgate
I know this little bit of get down that’ll have you dancin’ all night now
No it ain’t a song on the radio
But it’ll make your heart go… whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Roll of a dirt road

All of this summer’s songs have been along the lines of “Crazy, Reckless, Young, & Wild“. Go out and live your life. Live it like there’s no tomorrow. The vocals and storyline of this one make it my favorite. There’s nothing like taking off with your friends into the unknown and seeing what kind of unforgettable memories you can make. But just don’t do it for one night. Live it up as often as you can. So listen to this song every day.

Whoa… It’s time to feel alive
Whoa…. Light up the night, yeah
Whoa… We got the rest of our lives to think twice
So tonight we’re crazy, reckless, young, & wild

If you’re thinking “Meet Me in the Barn” sounds familiar, it was co-written and cut by Jason Michael Carroll on his last album. But before you play it, turn that knob up to maximum volume. I immediately envisioned a music video perfectly following the lyrics, playing out a bonfire on a farm where a new couple sneaks out to the barn for a fun night. I may have also suggested myself as the lead girl to Andy if he ever chose to make a video for “Meet Me in the Barn“.

Meet me in the barn, way out in the pasture
Turn off your headlights, park by the tractor
Sneak in the backdoor, so we don’t get caught
I’ll be there waitin’ in the hayloft
With a kiss on my lips, no you don’t wanna miss
Holdin’ me in your arms…
Meet me in the barn

I have yet been able to choose my favorite song from Blue Collar Cruise. I love them all! There are songs that I connect to and songs that I wish I could live out, and hopefully someday will. I will continue to listen to the BCC EP in the car, in the shower, and at home. I hope with this album release will come a tour date release. would love to see Andy in Charleston SC. Maybe we could get him down here during a summer weekend and plan our own blue collar cruise. Stay tuned as I am hopeful for an Andy Velo Concert Review in the future. Make sure to keep up with Andy Velo on twitter (@andyvelo) and bandsintown to see him at a show near you. And don’t forget to pick up Blue Collar Cruise available HERE.

Danielle Mercer

Danielle Mercer

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