ALBUM REVIEW: Blake Shelton “Bringing Back the Sunshine”

Sharp and quick guitar strums ease us in to the title track off of Blake Shelton‘s new Album “Bringing Back The Sunshine“.

“Got my hands on the wheel and I’m flying
Heart beat loud as the thunder rolls,
Lightning on the stampede of lightning roll
I’m bringing back the sunshine
Bringing back the sunshine, Baby, it’s about time”.

Determination permeates through every verse and chorus, setting the tone for a well rounded, country, with a little bit of outside flare, album ahead.

His current single “Neon Light” is jam packed with the attitude and sass only Shelton can pull off.

“I take a shot of I don’t care what you’re doing now
Chase that one with a cold screw you
When that’s done, I just might wash it down
With a big pitcher of someone new.”

Blake is incredible at getting into character, which is apparent as he switches gears to star in the powerful ballad “Lonely Tonight” (Feat. Ashley Monroe). This is not the first time these two have joined voices, and hopefully not the last. Ashley Monroe’s unique and strong sound brings just the right amount of vulnerability to these lyrics.

Gonna” is sung with confidence. No wishing or hoping here.

“Girl I ain’t just flirting,
I’m certain, I’m working on a long term plan,
Gonna be your man,
Gonna put a little rock steady on your hand”.

A Girl“, is a little more sensitive in pointing out all the things she will have you thinking when you are in a head over heels romance.

A couple more mid-tempo love songs fill out the center of the album such as “Just South of Heaven” and the passionately sung, “I Need My Girl”. Shelton pours his heart into his music, and it is especially noticeable with his love songs. You can feel the pain and desire, as it puts you right in the moment.

Shelton goes a little deeper, in “Good Country Song“, which will have you hooked from the first line. The lyrics steal the show in this piece. They are overflowing with meaning and Shelton powers his voice his into every word.

“He would search that FM dial
And I would count down every mile
Til the station out of Tulsa came in clear
It was old Thomas Conley on the radio
It punched me in the gut, man, it rattled my soul”

It gets you thinking about that special song that left an imprint on your own heart, we all have one.

He wraps up the album with that same upbeat energy in “We’re Just Gettin Started“, one of Shelton’s famous drinking songs. Listen closely, and you will see why. He has a knack for metaphors.

While the title says it all, there is no denying the feeling you will get after a complete listen through this album.

Kristin Whyte

Kristin Whyte

There was no specific event that made me fall in love with country music, it was simply the style that hit me the hardest. I’ve been involved with music from a young age and it has helped get to where I am today. I graduated Albright College with a degree in Music Business and currently work in New York City with Music Licensing. When I’m not working with music, you can find me listening to it, watching it, or playing it. I consider myself lucky when I look back at the various concerts I’ve attended, from classics such as Brooks & Dunn and George Strait, to the incredible new talents of Eric Church and The Band Perry. It only makes me want more. Music is something I can always count on and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share this love with all of you!

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