ALBUM REVIEW: Brooklyn James “Jolie Blonde”

Jolie Blonde Album Cover


A little background on the Vigilare series … Brooklyn James wrote a screenplay for a film class that was, in her words, “inspired by films adapted from comic books … Watchmen, The Punisher, Batman … who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to be superhuman, a superhero? Or, the antihero, which is how I classify Vigilare. I mean, just imagine. Vigilare is Italian, meaning to guard, to watch over, to keep an eye on. I love that word. I stumbled on it and thought it would be a neat concept. … It just so happened to be about a kick-butt female vigilante.”


From screenplay writer to author, the first two books in the Vigilare trilogy were released in 2011/2012. Now Jolie Blonde, the series’ prequel, will be released Jan. 22. It is also a stand-alone, coming of age, contemporary romance.


Now that you’ve read a little background but might be wondering why this review is being written for a country music website, the prequel has an accompanying original music soundtrack, recorded by Brooklyn, the one-in-the-same screenplay writer/author/singer/songwriter/new mother.


The title track, “Jolie Blonde”, comes from a traditional Cajun waltz about a lost love. Bruce Springsteen recorded his own version, “Jole Blon“, with Gary U.S. Bonds in the early ‘80s. The music video is posted on Brooklyn’s website HERE.


The album’s first song is titled “Damsel In Distress” (there is a music video for this song on her website). Maybe some boys prefer helpless girls, but a real man would never settle for anything less than a woman at her best.


Never giving up or giving in, “Pretty Little Rolling Stone, don’t stop searching within yourself until you find the person you were meant to become, which is also called coming into your own.


The ultimate ‘shell breaker’ might be “If You Dare“. You want more, you give until there is nothing left, but you never allow another to truly love you … all in the name of keeping your heart ‘safe’.


A heart isn’t meant to kept locked away. “Heart Take Me Home” tells us in song why it is worth the cost, something may be lost, but oh what you might gain … when you let your defenses come crashing down.


One of my favorites on the album, “Drive Tonight“, is a song is about hitting the road, full speed ahead, and living day by day. Can’t wait to find my own highway one day, where I would crank up “How Do You Love Me“, a reminder that we are worthy, imperfections and all.


The album is currently available HERE via Amazon.


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