ALBUM REVIEW: Chris Stapleton “Traveller”

Chris Stapleton has a long list of accomplishments including, several # 1 hits, countless awards nominations, and has partnered with some of the most respected artists in country music, and now, he can add his debut album “Traveller” to that list. It is a solid 14 tracks of Stapleton’s rugged sound that will not disappoint.

Stapleton will take you from a bluesy “Tennessee Whiskey” as he brings his voice to new heights, to an upbeat rock sound in “Parachute” effortlessly.

A simple guitar supports “Whiskey and You”, and his voice is vulnerable in the powerful “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore”, with an instrumental break that will have you soaking in every last note.

“Daddy doesn’t pray anymore

guess he’s finally walking with Lord

He used to fold his hands, bow his head down to the floor

Daddy doesn’t pray anymore”

The electric guitars make an appearance in “Might As Well Get Stoned” and his voice becomes dark and rebellious, along with the lyrics, in “Outlaw State Of Mind”,

“I’ve seen the devil in the dark coal mine”.

He closes with “Sometimes I Cry”, an immediate raspy resonance, and an overflowing of emotion as he conquers the first verse,

“There are days where I can walk around like I’m alright,

and I pretend to wear a smile on my face,

and I can keep the pain from coming out of my eyes,

but sometimes, sometimes, sometimes I cry”

With minimal production, Stapleton shows true musicianship and vocal ability throughout this record. His voice at the forefront, and his organic country sound mixes well with his deep and thought out lyrics. It is apparent he put every ounce of passion for music he has into this album. You can listen to “Traveller” with ease, the same way you would listen to a timeless and classic record.

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Kristin Whyte

Kristin Whyte

There was no specific event that made me fall in love with country music, it was simply the style that hit me the hardest. I’ve been involved with music from a young age and it has helped get to where I am today. I graduated Albright College with a degree in Music Business and currently work in New York City with Music Licensing. When I’m not working with music, you can find me listening to it, watching it, or playing it. I consider myself lucky when I look back at the various concerts I’ve attended, from classics such as Brooks & Dunn and George Strait, to the incredible new talents of Eric Church and The Band Perry. It only makes me want more. Music is something I can always count on and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share this love with all of you!

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