ALBUM REVIEW: Chris Young “I’m Comin’ Over”

ALBUM REVIEW: Chris Young “I’m Comin’ Over”

It’s been just over 2 years since Chris Young released “AM” (267,000 copies sold) and the much anticipated 5th Studio album, “I’m Comin’ Over” has certainly filled the gap in providing fans with another round of tracks filled with love, heartbreak, the pain of heartache and the joy a little sunshine brings. Young delivered 11 tracks boasting powerful vocals, 2 collaborations and a whole lot of fresh production elements. If it was possible to wear out a CD in just a couple days I’m nearly positive I might have done it this weekend.

Young’s marketing strategy of releasing clips, and eventually lyric videos, of the songs off the album, prior to the album release, proved successful. The record landed a solid spot on the iTunes Country Chart at #2 just behind Chris Stapleton and #7 on the chart over ALL genres. Fans, leading up to the release, were already incredibly excited based off the inside look, including early pre-order downloads, before the project was available to mass markets.

Kicking the album off with Heartbeat, Young steers you right into the fast lane of how the feel of the rest of the album is going to be. An up tempo tune that talks about the one that makes your heart race, you’ll be singing along in no time with the catchy lyrics..

Baby I can feel my heartbeat, Heartbeat

pounding my chest, you in that dress

making it jump like a kick drum on repeat

I love the way you make my heart beat, heartbeat

there’s no mistaking, right now it’s racing

every time that you get close to me

baby I can feel my heartbeat

There’s no denying right off the bat that Young’s partnerships with Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge steered the development of a new sound that can be appreciated by fans young and old alike. Like every great artist, over time, they begin to evolve their sounds to push boundaries and grow; this album is a clear example that the evolution didn’t have to mean a complete withdrawal of staying true to country. Young recently stated in an interview, “I don’t know that I’m ever gonna have anything cross over. When I open my mouth it’s pretty damn country.” It was that push in the right direction that I believe will separate him from the group of overlooked artists and catapult him into a new wave of success.

The album also included two collaborations with fellow country artists, Cassadee Pope and Vince Gill.  “Think of You” (Young’s duet with Pope) brings you a scenario that most everybody can relate to. If you’ve experienced the loss of a relationship where you’re still hanging out with the same crowd, you’ll admit sometimes it can be awkward to not want to go back to the way things were. Pope’s power vocals on the tune brings it up a notch and with the song slated to be Young’s next single, it’s almost predictable that it will be his 8th number #1.. While Pope’s part in her duet makes a definitive mark, Gill’s feature on “Sober Saturday Night” is more of a laid back approach of strong harmonies on a song describing the emotional heartache of another sober night without their loved one.

You’ll hear playful hits in “You Do The Talkin’“, “Callin’ My Name“, and “Sunshine Overtime“- a must on next year’s summer playlist that encourages you to “work a little sunshine overtime, checking on out of that 9 to 5” and “break out tequila, salt and a lime“. Young delivers a sports anthem “Underdogs” that is sure to be a choice song for football games across America.. In fact the first time I heard it I was picturing a choreographed number by infamous Cowboy’s Cheerleaders during one of their halftimes, which if it happened would be a great moment for the singer as a longtime Cowboys’ fan.

Young continues to display his strong vocals effortlessly in both “Alone Tonight” and “I Know A Guy“, penned by Benjy Davis and Brett Tyler which was one of two out of the whole album that Young didn’t co-write.

And if you’re looking for someone barely hanging on,
lost the only thing that he ever loved
wishing you would come over
give anything just to hold ya.
If you’re trying to find a man who lost his mind,
doesn’t sleep at night unless he’s dreaming about you laying right here beside him
praying someday you might feel like forgiving
and think about giving him one more try.
Then I know a guy

It’s songs like these that continue to prove that Young has the voice for strong ballads. The emotion in this song is undeniable and if released as a single I would see it gaining the same success that “Tomorrow” brought for the country crooner.

Speaking of crooner, Young wraps up the album with “What If I Stay” (co-written with Hoge, and Johnny Bulford), a tune reminiscent of something jazz crooner, Michael Bublé would bring to the table. This is the one song that felt like a completely different sound than I think Young has ever given us in an album. He isn’t shy about stating his love for jazz and standards, even covering Tony Bennett‘s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” at concerts and at this year’s fan club party. The jazzy feel in this song will undoubtedly keep you swaying along throughout the number.

Like every other album that Young delivers, he continues to leave you wanting more.  Success has already come off the album, The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer surprised Young yesterday morning, announcing that “I’m Comin’ Over” (single) had gone #1 on the Billboard Charts, making it the country singer’s 7th No. 1. Lucky #7 for Young on the single, were all hoping that the luck continues to shed light on the rest of the album and it’s continued success. Young wrote a thank you in the cover of the album insert thanking God, his family and fans, etc.. Here’s to God continuing to bless this songster with a prosperous career in country music.

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It’s been just over 2 years since Chris Young released “AM” (267,000 copies sold) and the much anticipated 5th Studio album, “I’m Comin’ Over” has certainly filled the gap in providing fans with another round of tracks filled with love, heartbreak, the pain of heartache and the joy a little sunshine brings. Young delivered 11 …

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