ALBUM REVIEW: Codie Prevost “All Kinds of Crazy”

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Let’s just cut to the chase, three time CCMA nominee Codie Prevost‘s fourth album is a keeper; one that has been added to my coveted “no skips” collection. What does that mean? It means this is one record you will listen to straight through because there is not a bad song on it.


All Kinds of Crazy is the follow up to Codie’s critically acclaimed and award winning album Get Loud. It was recorded at the Armoury Studios & Studio Downe Under in Vancouver with producer Tom McKillip (Lisa Brokop, Ian Tyson) and was mixed by Scott Cooke (Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen). All Kinds of Crazy features some of country music’s most sought after studio musicians including guitarist Darren Savard (Chase Rice) and bassist Dennis Marcenko (k.d. Lang).


The song “I’ll Be Your Whiskey,” which features acclaimed guitarist and vocalist Hayley Mclean, opens the album. The song is about a woman who keeps coming to him (and whiskey) when she gets hurt by another. He wants her to substitute his love for the alcohol because whiskey “it’s just a temporary fix that leaves you feeling worse than before, but my love doesn’t work that way, it might age, but it wont fade.”


All Kinds of Crazy” is an uptempo good time country rocker that will have everybody rockin’ and the whole place shakin’.


Down The Line” is a highly relatable song with touching lyrics about being in a relationship that just isn’t working at present, but perhaps might be right down the line. Key lyrics: “maybe we’ll just have to let go to know if this will ever be right……we just gotta live different lives together, I hope that the roads that we take collide down the line.”


Say My Name” just screams “huge hit.” An extremely infectious uptempo melody with a sing along ready, “whoa” filled chorus. It’s a song about how a girl holds his heart in her hands making him go weak even when she does something as simple as say his name. Loving the lyrics: “when you kiss me on the lips baby that’s good as it gets, keeps me coming back for more, like the ocean to the shore.”


His voice really shines on the romantic ballad “Melting Into You” and the inspirational “Someday.” The former is a lovely song about what happens when you truly give your heart to someone and want to become one with them. The latter, which is also his current single, is about finding hope, faith and love through difficult times.


Stay Up Late” and “Last Night All Day” are two of my favorites on the record. The former has an easy to slip into enjoyable melody with lyrics that give a little wink as to just what stay up late means. The latter, about being unable to think straight because all that’s on your mind is the previous night, closes out the album. It is a song with nice harmonies that will put a smile on your face.


You might just want to stay up late and listen to this record a few times.


All Kinds Of Crazy is set for release on March 1st 2014, but fans can pre-order the album HERE via iTunes.


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