ALBUM REVIEW: Dustin Lynch “Where It’s At”

September 9th, Dustin Lynch will be releasing his highly anticipated second album, Where It’s At.. The first single off the album “Where It’s At (Yep, Yep)” made a splash on the charts, and was recently certified gold by RIAA and named an iTunes Top 5 Hot Country Songs.

“It’s at 2 am when she’s reaching’ over
Faded T-shirt hanging off her shoulder
Dressed up, hair down, in a ball cap
Yep yep, as long as I get that
Sweet little something late night kiss
On a plane or a train or way back in the sticks
I swear, if she’s there, that’s where
Yep yep, that’s where it’s at.” Where It’s At

The album gives the listeners everything they’ve come to love from Lynch, and truly demonstrates the amazing talent he possesses.

Where It’s At” has something to offer everyone, from those who enjoy “bro country” to those who are truly traditionalist. Songs like “Hell of a Night” and “Where It’s At” will have you putting him in categories with Luke Bryan and Florida George Line, while others such as “Sing it to Me” and “Your Daddy’s Boots” will have you putting him in a group with The King, George Strait. Having this versatility and legitimately appealing to both groups of fans is something accomplished by few, but something Lynch seems to do effortlessly.

“He’s got a heart of gold right hand like a vise
Same mantel sunday morning that saturday night
Barb wire tough and cowboy cool
I’m gonna have a helluva time tryin’
To fill your daddy’s boots” – Your Daddy’s Boots

While Lynch’s first album really introduced him to the music industry this album provides the fans a glimpse of the real Dustin Lynch and exactly what he has to offer. You can hear just how important and personal this album is, and the new level it has pushed him to reach.

Where Its At” offers 15 amazing songs, all of which have potential to be another single off the album. This is one of those albums you can put on and never have to skip a song. You will want to listen over and over again, and it will leave you wanting more. This is clearly just the beginning for Dustin Lynch and we can’t wait to follow along with his journey.

Pre-Order the album now HERE, and receive the 3 songs instantly. What are you waiting for? This is one you can’t miss out on!

Track Listing for Where It’s At:

1. Hell of a Night
2. To The Sky
3. Halo
4. After Party
5. Where It’s At
6. Mind Reader
7. Right Where We Want It
8. She Wants A Cowboy
9. Sing It To Me
10. All Night
11. Middle of Nowhere
12. World To Me
13. What You Wanna Hear
14. Your Daddy’s Boots

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