ALBUM REVIEW: Eric Paslay “Eric Paslay”


Did you know that Eric Paslay’s #1 hit, “Friday Night“, was originally recorded by Lady Antebellum for their Own The Night album (which won the Grammy for Best Country Album in 2012)? The Texas native co-wrote the song with Rose Falcon and Rob Crosby. No stranger to the top of the charts as a songwriter, Eric has co-written other #1 hits … Jake Owen‘s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night with Dylan Altman and Terry Sawchuk, Eli Young Band‘s “Even If It Breaks Your Heart with Will Hoge, and Love and Thefts “Angel Eyes with Jeff Coplan and Eric Gunderson.


On his just released self-titled album, Eric commented that the song “Deep As It Is Wide” is “about the hope that there is something bigger and better than us. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and there’s something out there.” The song was previously recorded for Amy Grant’s album How Mercy Looks From Here. After Amy recorded the song, sharing lead vocals with Eric and Sheryl Crow, she remarked that Eric is the “up-and-coming artist she is most excited about”.


Less Than Whole” (co-written with Kenny Alphin) is a song about the power of forgiveness in the lives of broken down people, so their lives can once again be whole. Words are powerful and can change a person’s life. Songs are Eric’s way of connecting with others, “I just love making music. I love how much you can say to someone in a song. I want to be a part of the soundtrack of people’s lives.When I write, I’d rather there be a little bit of hope in every song, even in the sad songs. There’s still hope in there. With all the negativity everywhere these days, I’d like the positive to come out. A song can give you a little boost in confidence or make you fall in love deeper or dream higher.”


Whether you’re toe tapping to “Friday Night” or reflecting on “Less Than Whole, you’ll agree that Eric has captured your listening ears.



Donna Block

Donna Block

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