ALBUM REVIEW: Erik Dylan “Heart of a Flatland Boy”

I listened to Erik Dylan’s record the same way I listened to Kip Moore’s first album ”Up All Night”, with each line taking a new turn, I made sure I heard every word. There is no room to miss a beat here, from the proud “Flatland Boy”, to the upbeat “Astronaut”, every line from every song is a piece of his story. It is no surprise that Kip Moore himself discovered the Kansas Native at a local show in Nashville. Dylan’s latest release, “Heart of a Flatland Boy” is ten tracks made up of the true components that complete a country record.

The title track, “Flatland Boy” and “It Ain’t Broke” gives us an insight into his life and the pride he has for his roots.

In one of the cleverest break up songs I have heard, he is ready to make a deal. The priority is his “Willie Nelson T-Shirt”, and he executes that concern perfectly with lines such as,

“You’re a white lie alibi scarlet letter,

you oughta be ashamed, girl you shoulda known better,

I know you can’t help it so I’ll cut you some slack,

if you give me my Willie Nelson T-Shirt back”.

“The Girl That Got Away” is overflowing with emotion, from the delicate guitar picking behind his vulnerable voice, you cannot help but just feel when you listen to this track.

“Fishing Alone” is the type of song that makes you think, and as you follow along with the story, you cannot deny that what instantly comes to mind is making the most of your time, and spending every moment with the ones you love.

These songs are just a handful of what makes “Heart Of A Flatland Boy” one of the most authentic country records I have heard in quite some time. There is nothing overdone, minimal production, and just pure and raw music and lyrics. Erik Dylan has a true writing ability with the power to keep you invested for the entire listen.



Kristin Whyte

Kristin Whyte

There was no specific event that made me fall in love with country music, it was simply the style that hit me the hardest. I’ve been involved with music from a young age and it has helped get to where I am today. I graduated Albright College with a degree in Music Business and currently work in New York City with Music Licensing. When I’m not working with music, you can find me listening to it, watching it, or playing it. I consider myself lucky when I look back at the various concerts I’ve attended, from classics such as Brooks & Dunn and George Strait, to the incredible new talents of Eric Church and The Band Perry. It only makes me want more. Music is something I can always count on and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share this love with all of you!

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