ALBUM REVIEW: Hunter Hayes “Storyline”

Growing up a country music fan really does have its advantages and one major example I can come up with is the fact that I was watching TNN (The Nashville Network) back then and Hank Williams Jr. was performing a concert and invites this little 5 year old boy up onstage to play “Jambalaya” on the accordion. It didn’t dawn on me until I was interning with WMIL FM106 a few years back and I had to do a write-up on Hunter Hayes and he ended up doing a studio visit later on. It’s crazy how throughout the years the talent that some of these artists have just keeps growing and growing and their popularity grows so much that it creates an insane fan frenzy, such as the followers of Hunter Hayes, also known as “The Hayniacs.” For all of you Hayniacs out there, you will love the “Storyline” album by Hunter Hayes, available everywhere TODAY!


You all may be familiar with my particular favorite song off of the album, “Invisible,” which really brings to light what it feels like to go through those times in high school, or anywhere for that matter and being bullied and not being seen for the wonderful person you really are, just feeling so outcast, and just like you don’t fit in. The song to me screams hope and brings to light the positive that can come out of a bad situation, even with bullying, you just have to hang in there because others have been in the same spot as you one point in their life. It’s such an encouraging song for anyone, who has ever felt the negative things crashing into their life and leaves you feeling that no matter what the situation, there is always a positive outcome if you have a great attitude about whatever it is you are going through, and that I can agree with wholeheartedly.


Aside from, “Invisible,” this album hosts 13 more tracks that lets Hunter’s talent shine. Another fun track on the album is “Wildcard.” I’m drawn to this song because of the catchy, relatable lyrics, “baby your my wildcard, my perfect little twist of fate, your my first spark shine in the dark, favorite part of everything.” After giving the album a second listen, I have definitely found a hidden gem amongst the songs, “Still Fallin’,” which encompasses all things love, being a fool for someone, being in love that you find yourself still falling for them deeper and deeper every day, even though you thought their love already reached every part of the inner depths of your heart and soul. Even if you’ve never experienced a love like this before, at least you get a sense of the reality of it with these lyrics and just how strong your love for someone can be, “after every sunrise holding you, after all the crazy we’ve been through every day every minute girl it’s something new, I’m still learning still burning, still wanting, still all-in, still falling.”


Another favorite track of mine off of this album is, “Love too Much,” which is basically a love anthem. Yeah sure, you may also feel heartbreak in this song because of “where they went wrong,” in their love story. But, the truth is that it really spoke to me about love and how we can really never give enough love in this world. I’ve always known that within the depths of my soul that what the world needs most is the easiest, most strongest thing, the thing that nobody can ever get enough of, LOVE. I think if we all “took a look around” we’d realize that we just may be that one person that can turn someone’s whole life around . The heart of the matter is if we just gave a little more love, we may realize that someone needs you more than anything. You may be that one person who reached out in love and in the end became “that person’s hero somehow.” I’ve always said I wanted to change the world somehow, someway, and if that means reaching to the ends of the earth and giving love, I can change the world….”one heart at a time.”


Amongst the others is the pretty catchy title track, “Storyline,” which will have the Hunter girls going wild wanting to be the girl in the song:


I didn’t see it coming
The kiss was so unpredictable
The kiss was so unpredictable
And maybe it’s the mystery
In you that I’m addicted to it
It’s overrated knowing somebody so well it takes away the fire

It’s funny when you tell me you don’t think you’re all that interesting
I beg to differ, with you I’m out here on the edge of my seat
And every minute guessing, holding my breath and fueling that fire


And while this album boasts many other great tracks about love, and maybe a little heartache in between, these are the ones I have taken a strong liking to after my few listens of it. The album is currently available for download HERE via Amazon and iTunes.  Take a listen and then let us know what you think!


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