ALBUM REVIEW: Jason Aldean “Old Boots, New Dirt”

Since 2005 Jason Aldean has had five albums released and twelve number one singles as well as numerous other songs reaching the Top 10. With the amount of success that Jason Aldean has had in his career already, it’s no surprise to me that his first single, “Burnin’ It Down,” off of his upcoming album release, Old Boots, New Dirt has already literally burned up the charts and became the fastest platinum-certified single of 2014. If you’ve had a chance to listen to the song, it’s extremely sexy, and the video even stars GotCountryOnline‘s own Amanda Mertz who does the song justice by heating up the screen and brings the song to a whole new level.

Old Boots, New Dirt showcases even more of the talent that Jason Aldean has by showcasing his ability to know the kind of songs that suit him and his persona and have the potential to become some of the biggest hits of his career. After having been in the business for many years, Jason Aldean is one artist whose career you can look at and know it takes hard work to get to the top, you have your ups and downs, but what matters the most in the end is the hard work you put into it and eventually getting the recognition you ultimately deserve. One things for sure, it’s well-deserved. Whether it’s counting the numerous hits, taking a look at the massive fan base Aldean has, to attending a show and getting nothing less than a worth every penny, energy-packed ,and amazing set, it’s plain to see why he’s made it to the top.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that with the release of Old Boots, New Dirt that things will move forward from here because besides “Burnin It Down,” there are 14 other tracks that prove Aldean to make a lasting impression on the industry. Old Boots, New Dirt is different from past releases because he’s truly found his niche. If you’ve been keeping up over the past few weeks, he’s been giving glimpses of what is in store on this one. Though each of the tracks included on this album really pack a punch, and make it hard to choose just a few favorites, in the end it came down to these four:
Tryin’ To Love Me,” which gives you a glimpse into a man’s mind thinking he had the girl all figured out, as crazy as he may think she is, but in the end discovering it was all about love, “the whole time you were just trying’ to love me.”
Tonight Looks Good On You,” if you loved the lyrics of his first release from this album, this one comes in a close second. All the country girls will fall in love with the lyrics in this one, it’s every spot they want to be in a country boy telling them that, “something bout’ that southern sky sitting back behind the moon, something bout’ the way your smilin’, making them stars fall right on cue, I just gotta tell you tonight looks good on you.”
I Took It With Me,” no matter how far away you go from your home, the memories are still as clear as ever in your mind of where you came from. You’ll always carry with you the things that made you who you are, the roots, and your “small town pride.” You’ll always remember the sunrise, the sunset, and the memories you made on the town. No matter where you go in life, those are unchanging things, that you will forever remember, hold in your heart and your mind.
Gonna Know We Were Here,” about living life to its fullest with the one you love, really getting wild and crazy, riding the “runaway roller coaster train,” of life. Loving the lyrics in this one:

And we only get one life
Ain’t scared to ride this train
Make a few marks leave a few stains
Might slam just a little too hard
Might take it a little too far
Might burn out like a firework
Like a shooting star across the sky
Yeah, we may not be around in 20 years
But they’re sure gonna know we were here

Track Listing:
1.“Just Gettin’ Started”
2.“Show You Off”
3.“Burnin’ It Down”
4.“Tryin’ To Love Me”
5.“Sweet Little Somethin’”
6.“Laid Back”
7.“Tonight Looks Good On You”
8.“Too Fast”
9.“If My Truck Could Talk”
10.“Old Boots, New Dirt”
11.“I Took It With Me”
12.“Don’t Change Gone”
13.“Miss That Girl”
14.“Gonna Know We Were Here”
15.“Two Night Town”

This is ultimately my favorite album release by Aldean thus far. Take a listen for yourselves, I know I won’t be taking this one out of the player for a while.

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