ALBUM REVIEW: Joel Crouse “Even The River Runs”

22 year-old Massachusetts native, Joel Crouse is set to release his debut studio album, Even The River Runs on August 19th.

This country newcomer has already had the opportunity to play for the sold out crowds on 16 dates of the Taylor Swift Red Tour as well as open for other acts such as: The Band Perry, Toby Keith, Darius Rucker, Sara Evans, and even the Goo Goo Dolls.

Each song on this album has versatility , I love how the opening song, “Don’t Tell Me” reminds me of honkytonking in downtown Nashville, it’s so upbeat, lively, and definitely something that would draw you in the door if you were walking by. If you’d have walked in Joel’s shoes, he actually played on Lower Broadway in Nashville, but you’d have found him playing music on the street corners. It wasn’t a waste of time, a bad idea, and I guess you could say it paved the way for him to eventually land a spot singing on the Grand Ole Opry. You may have heard this song also, if you watch Hart of Dixie on CW. It’s definitely one of the highlights off of the whole album.

Joel’s vocal range is incredible, and the falsetto he has is just as incredible, both are highlighted on the song “You Could Break A Heart Like That“. I just cannot get over the fact that this album not only highlights the genres of modern country and rock, but also has a lot of blues all mixed into it. It really showcased the amount of skills Joel has on the guitar, his vocal talent, and with the mix of various upbeat tempo, and the occasional love song, the album highlighted a new modern spin on the country music path he has chosen. Some of my other favorites on the album included “Summer Love” and “Even The River Runs“, both added a little something different to the mix, the up tempo beat of “Summer Love“, and that mix of the various genres Joel showcases on this album, as well as hearing the undeniable talent Joel has on the guitar on “Even The River Runs.”

I could go on about this album, but I will let you take a listen for yourselves. I highly urge you to go grab yourself a copy, it will be money well spent.  The album is currently available HERE via Amazon and iTunes.

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