ALBUM REVIEW: Joshua Scott Jones “The Healing”

I’ve been a fan of Joshua Scott Jones‘ voice ever since his former days as one half of the country duo Steel Magnolia. This time Joshua is back with a solo album, The Healing which was just released today, Tuesday June 3rd. It’s extremely important to note that Joshua co-wrote and executively produced every song on the album which allowed for Joshua’s voice and emotion to shine through. This album includes 11 new tracks including the previously released super catchy male-anthem single, “Honk (If You’re Tonky).” Each song off of this album longs to tell a story, a story of life and it’s twists and turns, it’s ups and downs, and how holding on throughout it all can bring you hope for healing.


Take a listen to “DUI” and the lyrics will clue you in to just how he’s feeling at this point, “Driving last night escaped another DUI, and the reflection of the red and blue light praying for my 97th try.” It’s about him “being over his head and sinking like a stone,” and him not being able to take it.


Tennessee Blue” is a feel-good-catchy song about a girl in the “cut off blues, the skies being blue, Tennessee blue,” and being glad that she came along in her cutoff blues because it is making him lose his mind.


City Of Angels” is about him wasting his time with a woman, who decided to leave him to go to the West Coast, it’s about a girl who broke his heart and took it to the City Of Angels with her. It’s about that lasting memory he has of her and how all the love he has for her could make him follow her to the City Of Angels. It throws you for a loop at the end where you know it’s over because “nothing lasts forever.”


Rearview” is about a past love, looking back and seeing them “in the rearview mirror as I drive away, no one can see me crying, end of the day, lights on the highway flashing, passing me by I tell myself that it’s alright.” Heartbreak in true form right there, folks!


Whiskey Anthem” This one starts out with a sip of whiskey, literally. This is a fun one! It’s going to make you want to go out and party and get lost in a “whiskey stomping goodbye lullaby.”


The tracks have a lot of honest, raw, and pure emotion throughout them. One song worth listening to off of the album is, “Just How A Heart Breaks.” In Joshua’s life there was a battle with alcohol and drugs which ended up bringing him to a 30 day stay at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, TN for rehab which also lead to using the piano there to write this song. It definitely was just another step, another stepping stone into finding healing throughout it all. It begins beautifully, with the amazing sound of a piano throughout. This song highlights a journey through love and how a heart copes when it breaks, “I really miss the time when I would treat you right we would cruise to Malibu for that vampire view and it felt just right, our loving could have split the night,” and knowing that it really wasn’t all a waste because know they know “just how a heart breaks.”


Other tracks on the album include “You & I,” “Tennessee House,” “Lover Let Me Show You My Heart.


My absolute favorite song on the album that I consider extremely noteworthy is the title track, “The Healing,” which reached straight down into my chest to tug at my heart. It’s such an amazing, emotional, powerful song about feeling so hurt inside that all we can do is hope that what we are going through will bring us healing. It’s a song about surrender, surrendering ourselves even when we may not feel like it because the weight of the world, and what we are going through seems to be overwhelming. It’s about the moment we “come to Jesus and get washed in the blood and pick up the pieces, if you’re throwing us out there like stars at the ceiling, the ones that don’t stick there still have some meaning.” Those are such amazing lyrics! Ultimately the song is about laying down our pride and surrendering ourselves so that the “hurt that we’re feeling may lead to the healing.”

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