ALBUM REVIEW: Lucy Hale “Road Between”

Most might know Lucy Hale as “Aria Montgomery” from ABC Family’s hit show “Pretty Little Liars“, what you might not know is Lucy is one of country’s up and coming. It is evident in this album that Lucy isn’t another cookie cutter hollywood star to cut a record- the sound she shares with us in these songs definitely set her apart and allow her to stand alone on her singing ability. This Memphis native is bringing it back to her southern roots to release us an album, Road Between, containing 11 songs filled with Lucy’s strong and beautiful voice.

The Album starts off with Lucy’s debut single “You Sound Good To Me”. Debuting with such great reception “You Sound Good To Me” hit #1 on iTunes Country Charts on its day of release and was Top 5 debut on Billboard’s Country Digital Songs Chart. This song is already deemed as a windows down, turn up the radio, and sing to the top of your lungs kinda song in my book.

Many will relate to the emotion in “Nervous Girl”. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and tear ourselves apart when bad things come our way. In the end even if we get the chance at the things we wanted, we still might keep ourselves from having it by holding back. “Nervous Girl” is gonna be a great song for girls and women of all ages that are going through tough times. Sometimes we can be our own bully and this song is one of those you can’t help but stop and listen to the message within.

Red Dress” Lucy’s duet with Joe Nichols, takes us back to a past love. It starts off slow with her remembering her past love, closing her eyes and feeling like he’s there. As the beat of the music picks up she looks back and remembers that song and his singing it to the top of his lungs, while he most remembers her dancing in her red dress. A love they wish they hadn’t lost, but they’ll always have the things that reminds them of each other. This foot tappin’ song is gonna have a lot of people singing along.

Goodbye Gone” is that catchy tune that all the girls are gonna love. Reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” and Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead” Lucy isn’t messing around with the man that’s broken her heart. From stealing his car, to flirting with whomever she wants, to pawning off his ring to buy a round of drinks- she wants to break him like he broke her. This is another great break up anthem for all the girls out there who’ve been wronged.

Title track “Road Between” is about a girl who’s working on writing her story, figuring out about herself, making decisions, and determining where her heart is leading her. This isn’t such a hard theme for Lucy to sing. Lucy actually started singing around 8, and got her first taste of the music biz at 13 when she was on Fox’s singing competition, “American Juniors”. After her and her mom packed their bags and headed to LA to pursue her dream of singing, Lucy found success in acting after failed attempts at making it in the music business. Now Lucy is able to come back to what she loves most- performing as a singer. She’s continues on writing her own story as she follows her dream.

The “Road Between” is topped of with a tender hearted ballad in “Just Another Song” Not only can Lucy sing, but in “Just Another Song” she shows us emotion through her own songwriting. Co-written by Lucy, it is evident that music as a whole is Lucy’s destiny.

Mixed into the album are 5 more songs that give us a glimpse at the real Lucy and not a character she plays on TV. Through the catchy melodies, the heart felt stories woven into the lyrics, the feel good rhythms that make you wanna dance, and the sing along nature of the tracks, this album is totally worth having a copy of. Lucy even mentioned, “For me, that’s what country music is: stories that can make you feel any emotion across the spectrum.” “My album is a snapshot of where I am in my life. I wanted to be genuine- to tell the story of what I was going through at the time and what I’d been through— and I think we captured that.” Well I think for certain that Lucy hit the nail on the head with this album. I cannot wait to see the reception her fans give it. My strong suggestion is buy it- if you thought you loved Lucy as “Aria” you’re gonna love the real side of her and voice displayed in this album.

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

I am a country music loving cowgirl with a passion for helping kids with cancer. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL where I currently reside. When I am not submerged in country music, I am a professional photographer, social media junkie, and most importantly devoted to children with cancer. Jesus has blessed me with the gift of crocheting and I started my organization, Unraveled by Samantha Dawn, where I make crochet hats and wigs. I have also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the children that I have made hats for. I look to Country Music for comfort, joy, and relaxing. It’s cool to be part of the very best fan base ever!

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