ALBUM REVIEW: Mockingbird Sun “This Is Real Life”

Mockingbird Sun, the trio that sings harmony, just released their debut Album “This Is Real Life”, and it is nothing short of top notch music.

With playful songs, such as “Alyson” to kick things off, then the energetic and upbeat “Real Life” to follow, this album will have you invested from start to finish.

“I can’t believe that this is real life.
This is where I belong tonight.
It feels right, love in my heart,
Eyes open wide for the first time.
This is real life”

Well believe it. It is very much real and very much deserved.

Echo” is musically intense. The melody is fast paced, the lyrics leave you breathless. The instrumentals will have you running through the motions in your head. As the song builds, the echoes enter, rounding out this haunting and mysterious piece.

“One kiss, two hearts, tangled in the dark.
We were fire, burning red and yellow,
Just you, just me,
I was wild you were free.
That night will never let me go”

As each song ends, the next one enters with new infectious melody that hooks you instantly, and “Everybody Needs A Sign” proves just that.

This record also shines lyrically with tracks such as, “Give Up On Me“, which can be categorized as a break up song, and love song wrapped in to one. He makes it clear he cannot give her what she deserves, which he believes is everything.

“Cuz you’re a saint, I got the devil dancing in my blood.
And I can’t change,
Cuz I got this bad idea about love.
I won’t make it easy on you.
I’ll hold onto as long as I can.
You ought to change your name, change your number,
start over with a better man”

Smoke” has more of a vulnerable quality, and those feelings are heightened with their harmonies, and supported with a subtle banjo.

This record can bounce from one emotion to the next and have you invested completely in the story, no matter where it takes you. In “Heart Break” we feel safe, and in “Carolina Summer“,

“The moon burned bright in the July Sky and you were mine”.

A line that takes the place of an intro, and brings us straight to a light hearted memory.

Stumble On” embodies a serious tone, and sends us off with a positive message.

“There’s something out there, I can feel it,
There’s a sweet song playing on the wind, baby can you hear it?
We may never get where we’re going,
May never know if we’re right or wrong
Through the darkness and the dawn, we stumble on”

No matter what, we keep moving forward.

And this band will no doubt, do just that.

Mockingbird Sun has musical talent bursting through the seams of this record. They invest everything they have into each track, leaving us secretly hoping it never has to end. For a group with such captivating music, and the desire to only give us their best, they will continue down this road of becoming well respected country artists.

Kristin Whyte

Kristin Whyte

There was no specific event that made me fall in love with country music, it was simply the style that hit me the hardest. I’ve been involved with music from a young age and it has helped get to where I am today. I graduated Albright College with a degree in Music Business and currently work in New York City with Music Licensing. When I’m not working with music, you can find me listening to it, watching it, or playing it. I consider myself lucky when I look back at the various concerts I’ve attended, from classics such as Brooks & Dunn and George Strait, to the incredible new talents of Eric Church and The Band Perry. It only makes me want more. Music is something I can always count on and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share this love with all of you!

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