ALBUM REVIEW: Moonshine Bandits “Calicountry”



The Moonshine Bandits released their debut record for Average Joes Entertainment/Suburban Noize Records, entitled Calicountry, today. Tex and Bird, the duo who are the Moonshine Bandits, hail from Central California, where there are cotton fields, dairies and farming. The content of their songs stays true to who they are, where they’re from and what they do.


If you like the sound of hip hop and rap with rhymes that speak to country life, then Calicountry will be for you. The album brings a mash up of “west coast beats and country twang.” The lyrics contain everything that is standard fare in a country tune. We hear about America, trucks, having a good time, and the value of working hard. There are references to drinking, yes, moonshine, as well as Dwight Yoakam, Gary Allan and John Wayne.


The album contains numerous special guests. Colt Ford, Charlie Farley and Sarah Ross lend a hand on “We Are Country” and The Lacs are featured on the party anthem “Throwdown.”


For the most part, Calicountry has a very aggressive sound with songs that contain explicit language, “Burn” and “Arrest Me.” However, there are a few songs such as “Much Better” and “On My Way,” that have less of an “in your face sound” and are the ones I personally gravitated towards.


If you enjoy the fusion of genres, then “grab you a long neck bottle and raise it like you don’t care,” turn this record on and play it loud.


The album is available HERE via iTunes.


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