ALBUM REVIEW: The Oak Ridge Boys “Boys Night Out”

It’s hard to look back on the career of the The Oak Ridge Boys and not be thankful for the wonderful legacy they have given to country music. After all, they have sold over 41 million albums and have become crossover country music legends.

If you aren’t familiar with The Oak Ridge Boys, be prepared to get familiar because this is a live album which covers a span of hits they have had in their career. It’s some feel good music that you will be tapping your toes to! The album is entitled, “Boys Night Out,” and includes 14 of their biggest hits. I remember listening to “Elvira,” blaring through the radio speakers as a child and it brought back memories to hear the live version on this album. I’ve seen The Oak Ridge Boys in concert, and the live album is a close capture to seeing a live show.

It sounds great, so be sure to pick up your copy of “Boys Night Out,” on April 15th, 2014.

The track list includes:

“You’re The One”

“American Made”

“(I’m Settin’) Fancy Free”

“Love Song”

“Ya’ll Come Back Saloon”

“Sail Away”

“Dream On”

“This Crazy Love”

“Trying to Love Two Women”

“Come On In”

“Make My Life With You”

“Thank God For Kids”


“Bobbie Sue”




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