ALBUM REVIEW: Rosanne Cash “The River & The Thread”



Rosanne Cash was born in Memphis, the same year her dad laid down his first recordings with Sam Phillips, grew up in southern California, and has lived in New York the past two decades. Her life (the river) and her experiences along the many roads its taken (the thread) makes The River & The Thread, her latest album, one that brings her back to her roots – the ones that continue to shape her life.


Our experiences are quite different but the fact is we are connected to our roots, no matter how we may try to distance ourselves. While it may be more apparent to Rosanne (and this reviewer) that as we grow older there is a very strong force that takes us back home, no matter where we are.


Modern Blue (the album’s first single)

I went to Barcelona on the midnight train/ I walked the streets of Paris in the pouring rain/ I flew across an island in the Northern Sea/ And I ended up in Memphis, Tennessee.


A Feather’s Not A Bird” (the album’s opening track)

“I burned up seven lives and I used up all my charms/ I took the long way home just to end up in your arms.


At 57, with 35 years in the music ‘business’, she brings a few friends in for “When The Master Calls The Roll“, a Civil Wars ballad, … Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, Tony Joe White, Amy Helm, and her first husband, Rodney Crowell. The album was co-written and produced with husband, John Leventhal.


The river, with all its twists and turns, takes you everywhere, while the thread keeps you grounded in what’s important.


The River & The Thread is currently available for download HERE via Amazon and HERE via iTunes.


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