ALBUM REVIEW: Ross Cooper “Give It Time”



If you are a fan of soulful albums, you may want to check out emerging singer/songwriter Ross Cooper’s latest album, “Give It Time.” The album is set to be released on March 18th. After having being born into a rodeo family, Ross had a dual career as both professional Bareback Rider in the PRCA andas a musician. After sustaining a knee injury, Cooper’s path led him back to music.


This album reminded me of visiting one of the honkytonks on Lower Broadway, it is reminiscent of something you would hear coming from inside any of the various honkytonks, it would definitely have the place riled up for sure. I love the interesting sound the instruments create in the background amidst the pure vocals from Ross. It has a lot of soul and grit and really showcases the writing style of Ross. This album has a bit of John Mayer feel to it, which isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. One of the highlights to the album is the title track, Give It Time. What drew me in to this track was first off the melody, and the lyrics which drew me in more to the perplexing way of describing a heartache, really making you believe that every part of the person was affected from it.


“Give It Time” Track Listing:

1) Give It time

2) Mary

3) Running Away

4) Don’t Remember

5) Your Heart’s My Home

6) Girls From The Pine

7) Witches

8) It Might Be Love -Theater on 67th

9) Dreamers

10) Girl From The Diner

11) Lullaby For My Darlin’ 


For more information on Ross visit or follow him on Facebook HERE.


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