I have a feeling the nights of paying $15 for a ticket to see Sam Hunt perform will be a memory of the past very soon. In fact, I can envision nights of him selling out arenas just as easily. When I first heard of Sam Hunt last year, all I had to go by were a few YouTube videos, and hits he had written such as Kenny Chesney‘s “Come Over.” But, as soon as I heard him (to borrow a line Sam wrote in Keith Urban‘s “Cop Car”)… I was already gone. Luckily, Sam released his free acoustic mixtape Between The Pines last summer! Once Sam began to produce his album, and signed with MCA Nashville, and the album was taken down. I think this left all of us craving more of the lyrical talents and astounding voice of Sam Hunt. Since then, we have been teased with re-mastered singles and music videos including “Raised On It“, “House Party“, and most recently “Leave The Night On“. Fortunately, part of the wait is over!
On August 12 Sam Hunt put out a four song early track release titled X2C, which quickly hit #1 on iTunes within 9 hours!

Sam’s most recent single “Leave The Night On” opens up as the first track, and quickly has you nodding your head, rocking your shoulders, and singing along “girl you got the beat right, killing in your levis, high on your love, its got me buzzin’ like a street light.” The second song “Ex To See” makes a welcomed return from the mixtape. This no-longer- acoustic version is much like the symbol of the song itself… making its comeback as something bigger and better. Another re-appearance from BTP is the third song “House Party.” Try to listen to this song and not crank up your stereo and throw your own house party, I dare you! But let the GotCountryOnline crew know where you live so we can attend, because it’s bound to happen! Last but certainly not least is the only potential newbie to your Sam Hunt repertoire. Unless you have attended one of his shows lately this might be your first time hearing “Break Up In A Small Town.” I will never forget the energy of the crowd when Sam, Tyrone, and Josh performed this at a midnight show during CMA Fest at The Silver Dollar Saloon in Nashville, TN. If this is any indication of the new songs to come on the full length album we are in for a huge treat. Basically, if you’ve ever broken up with the risk of running into your ex you will instantly relate to:

“I knew she’d find a way to get over me.

But I never thought that she would get down with somebody I know…

I guess that’s just how it goes when you break up in a small town.

I see our friends and they put on a show like they don’t want me to know

So they give me the go around………

I should have known all along you’ve gotta move or move on when you break up in a small town.”

X2C is available now HERE on iTunes and Amazon. Let the countdown begin to the full album release due October 27th! Until then, catch Sam Hunt on tour this summer; or with Charlie Worsham and Kip Moore on the CMT Tour this fall. Dates can be found HERE.

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Growing up in upstate New York, I was the one hanging with the boys hunting and fishing that the country songs talk about. Driving the back roads to my grandparent’s house in the southern tier, I used to belt out Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s In Love With a Boy,” desperately wanting to be Katie and find my Tommy. I thought my parents turned it up because they knew I liked it.. I’ve since realized it was probably to drown out my less than stellar singing voice. Although a lot has changed since then, my love for country music has stayed with me. I now live in SW Florida and my interest lies more in the up and coming acts, and songwriters than it does the larger acts that are already successful. I love being the first to discover someone and watch their career grow as they find their way in today’s crazy country music world. Working five days a week- my weekends are spent at a show, doing something active outdoors, or catching up with friends. Since I get to enjoy FL everyday, my vacations usually revolve around music festivals or visiting my family back in NY :)

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