ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Swift “1989”

Pop has been good to country. In 1980 country/rock band Pure Prairie League released the single “Let Me Love You Tonight” and it charted top ten. A familiar name was the band’s lead vocalist. Fast-forward nine years, Vince Gill, by then a country artist, was again at the top of the charts. His fourth solo album, “When I Call Your Name“, climbed up Billboard’s Top Country and Top 200 charts.

Country has been good to pop. Taylor Swift’s 1989 was inspired by music from the year she was born.

“I have a few artists in the late eighties who I think made the most incredible, bold, risky decisions as far as pop music goes. They were really ahead of their time, like Annie Lennox and what Madonna was doing in the late eighties. Like a Prayer is legitimately one of the greatest pop songs of all time.”

Her new album is about fresh starts, abet ones that acknowledge the past. The first single, the hit Shake It Off, was followed by Blank Space

“Got a long list of ex-lovers

They’ll tell you I’m insane

But I got a blank space baby

And I’ll write your name.”

The lyrics are all Taylor – they’ll continue to cross genres and generations. The album takes the 80’s pop, dance, and new wave sound and makes it sound fresh.

Donna Block

Donna Block

I’ve been privileged to write album reviews for Got Country Online since 2012. John Berry,John Michael Montgomery, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson their music caught my ear, their lyrics caught my heart. Country music is my go-to, whether my day is great or not. I love to crank up old and new tunes, kick back and enjoy!

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