ALBUM REVIEW: Wade Bowen “Wade Bowen”

Wade Bowen might not be a name you know from country radio, but take a trip through Red Dirt Country and he’s far more than just another name. Wade happens to be one of the great Texas Country acts. He might not have the radio hits that one would expect with that title, but as someone who has spent many a hours driving through Red Dirt Country I’ve known the name and his music for years.

While you might not know his name off hand, you probably know at least one song he’s written, he was a co-writer with Pat Green on “Don’t Break My Heart Again.”

With the release of the self-titled “Wade Bowen” album, Wade has made the move into the next stage of his career. This album, his 7th release, takes a step out of the regional country of the Red Dirt/Texas area and provides music that could give Wade a chance to break into the country radio scene nationwide.

The songs chosen for the album provide a wide mix that truly equals who Wade really is and allows him to bring out his Texas Country background while providing songs that can be marketed and loved nationwide. It mixes more of the fun in with the serious that Wade has always been known (and loved by me)for.

When I Woke up Today” is the lead single on the album and an anthem for making the best of it while chasing your dreams. It is the perfect song for Wade’s first attempt at country radio nationwide. With lyrics like:

Dealing with the pain of trying to make a dream fly
Taking the good and the bad with a big smile
Uncertain roads and the thrill of the chase
Man I sure feel like I’ve seen grace when I woke up today

It truly hits home at the way we live our life. We can choose to make the best of it all when we wake up every morning and that’s Wade is doing. “Sun Shines on a Dreamer” kind of sticks with same state of mind and reminds the listener that, “you gotta dream if you wanna fly.”

And of course “West Texas Rain” makes the list of songs that I just want to listen to on repeat. I can’t even quite put into words why I love it, maybe it’s simply because Texas holds a special place in my heart and always will. Of course it also speaks to me and my journey. I think most could relate their journey in life to this song at one point.

I’m strong for the struggle
Constantly reaching,
Reaching for something that I’ve never down
And I got secrets and stories
Old shoebox memories
Choices that I’d like to change
I got teardrops and laughter
And me chasing after
Years that go as quick as they came
Like a west Texas rain

Now my absolute favorite song on the album? “Hungover.” Hands down. Perhaps that’s because the song puts my thoughts and feeling post fight with someone I love into words.

That’s why I fell in love with country music and have always been drawn to the guys/gals like Wade that can depict so much reality into one song. I use music to speak for me and “Hungover” is one of those songs that does just that. Of course this album really is full of those songs that speak to me. Songs that put thoughts and feelings into lyrics and music.

I feel Wade does a great job of taking what’s great about his Texas “Red Dirt” Country background and putting that combined with his love of music and desire to break out of the region boundaries into this album. He uses the stories and meaningfulness in his voice and mixes it with new sounds that makes me give this album 4.5 stars out of 5 and think he truly has a chance at getting airplay and breaking out of the Red Dirt region.

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