Alex Stern: Interview & Dreamin’ Review

“Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico there wasn’t a lot of access to performance opportunities but I remember trying to be apart of every musical, talent show and performance group I could find.” Says country singer songwriter Alex Stern.

Her hard work and determination has paid off, as she is just released her next, and very personal new single, “Dreamin”.

It’s sort of terrifying for me but also really freeing at the same time to release “Dreamin”, because it is the most personal song I’ve released so far.”

A mysterious and echo driven intro leads us in to a powerful voice that wants answers, and wastes no time in getting them.

Yeah you know I’ve changed a bit, given up on innocence,

I didn’t want to know the truth, but now I wonder, does it haunt you too?

And like most country songs, a story lives behind it. The emotion that comes along with her voice proves that Dreamin might just mean a little something more.

“Writing this song, gave me the closure I needed, by giving me an outlet to express all the emotions and feelings I had kept bottled up. “Dreamin” is the juxtaposition of the best and worst parts of a relationship.” Says Stern.

Like many other songwriters, Alex Stern draws inspiration from real life, and creates characters her listeners can relate to in their own personal way.

“At the end of the day, my biggest inspiration when writing, is knowing that I have the power through lyrics and melody to create something that could have an impact on anyone hears it.”

Dreamin’ is a true reflection of just that. It is a piece that many can form a connection with, and knowing that Stern holds this power close to her heart when writing, proves her talent and growth as a songwriter and an artist.

“My biggest joy as an artist and a songwriter is when I know that something I wrote made somebody feel empowered, connected or even in some ways that they have a song that tells their story.”

We often do not realize that even the songwriters themselves have their own playlist to tell their story. Alex Stern knows this first hand with a song that she wished she had helped penned solely because of the impact it left on her.

A song that I wish I wrote would definitely be “Different For Girls” by Dierks Bentley and Elle King and written by Shane McAnally and J.T Harding. I remember the first time I heard it, it’s truthfulness hit me like a ton of bricks.”

One day, Stern would love to have the opportunity to create something special with that same songwriter. “As a writer, Shane McAnally consistently has an amazing gift at encouraging, creating and pulling the raw, authentic truth out of the artists he writes with, so he would be somebody I would love to write with.”

After speaking with Alex, it is clear that the writing process is the most meaningful, and with the same end goals in mind, it is a collaboration that we would be anxious to see get together.

As for right now, Alex Stern does not plan on slowing down any time soon. With 2018 just underway, the singer has a lot of plans for the upcoming year. Growing the number of people who support and surround her came first, which was something that did not go unnoticed. Much like we see in her music, Alex Stern is truly a genuine artist in more ways then one.

“I definitely have plans to grow my team, release a lot more music, write the best songs I can, and perform my music for as many people as possible.”

With this single “Dreamin”, Stern is officially on her way, and we look forward to following along every step. The passion she has for her craft and touching people lives with music comes first, and it seems as though that will never change.

“If I can end 2018 knowing I dedicated myself to hard work, stayed true to who I am as an artist, strived to create music that moves people and focusing on appreciating every step of the process, to me that is the birthplace of my fulfillment as an artist.”




Kristin Whyte

Kristin Whyte

There was no specific event that made me fall in love with country music, it was simply the style that hit me the hardest. I’ve been involved with music from a young age and it has helped get to where I am today. I graduated Albright College with a degree in Music Business and currently work in New York City with Music Licensing. When I’m not working with music, you can find me listening to it, watching it, or playing it. I consider myself lucky when I look back at the various concerts I’ve attended, from classics such as Brooks & Dunn and George Strait, to the incredible new talents of Eric Church and The Band Perry. It only makes me want more. Music is something I can always count on and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share this love with all of you!

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