An Interview with 15 Year Old Jordyn Stoddard

Many artists get their start at a young age but few can say that by the time they hit their 15th birthday they have almost a decade of experience under their belt. Jordyn Stoddard stepped up to the mic at karaoke venues at just 4 years of age and just a few years later she fearlessly played the stage at a local fair fueling her desire to learn more. Her mom bought her first guitar that she promptly hid under the bed where it stayed untouched for a year. One day she realized she needed to get serious and taught herself 4 chords with the help of you tube videos. Songwriting was a natural next step and the first song Jordyn wrote, at 12 years old, is currently sitting on you tube with over 2000 views. She was born to do this.

GC: What inspires you now to write?

JS: I write down little things that go on throughout the day in my iPhone and draw inspiration from that. I used to use a journal but now that I have my phone its easier.

GC: Favorite song written or performed?

JS: My latest favorite is one I recently wrote called “Disaster Piece“. It will be on my upcoming album. I wasn’t sure what I was writing it about at the time but its definitely a break up song. I brought it downstairs to show my parents and my mom started crying. Its definitely emotional, powerful.

GC: What has been the most difficult adjustment for you? 

JS: Sometimes I get ahead of myself. Before a song is even finished I think of who I want in the music video, what the album cover is going to look like, artwork style. I can’t stop myself.

GC: Favorite moment so far?

JS: Having people come up and say they can’t wait to buy my album. Hearing people sing my songs back to me is so awesome. Recently I played a show in St Augustine and another in Jacksonville. A couple that was at the first show came and brought me pictures, were singing every word of my new song, “Sayonara“. It was amazing.

GC: What is your ultimate dream for your career? 

JS: Each year it changes. This year its to release my album, have people interested in my music, build fan base, take a bigger step each year.

GC: Who would you like to collaborate with either singing or songwriting?

JS: Kenny Chesney. He was my first country concert when I was 9. He pulled me up on stage and was singing to me. I grew up listening to him and still do almost every day. I would love to cowrite with Kacey Musgraves. I really admire her writing style.

GC: Favorite song on the radio right now?

JS:Beachin” by Jake Owen and “Follow Your Arrow “by Kacey Musgraves

GC: Favorite phone app?

JS: I’m obsessed with this new game 2048.

GC: How do you spend your free time?

JS: Last year my best friend and I signed up for Lacrosse. We made the team, became attached and then became starters on varsity team. Also I like to go to the beach on the weekends and hang out with my friends.

GC: Best compliment received so far?

JS: When people from school come up and say things like “I like your cover of Royals”. I just did that for fun and to hear people liked it was pretty cool.

GC: What would people be surprised to know about you?

JS: I’m a really bad dancer, its embarrassing.

GC: What do you want people to know about you?

JS: I just like to work really hard at the things I want to pursue and still like to have fun with my friends.

Jordyn Stoddard - Got Country

Jordyn has already proven herself in the industry. She has won multiple awards, performed on television shows and opened for music icons such as The Gatlin Brothers, Easton Corbin, Montgomery Gentry and more. However, what stands out isn’t what she has accomplished thus far as much as where she is going. Jordyn’s inner beauty pours out of every word she speaks. She has a maturity far beyond her 15 years and determination to match. She strikes me as a person who will remain humble no matter where this road leads. In the meantime, if you hear of this beautiful girl, singing and strumming her signature turquoise guitar, coming to a venue near you, don’t miss out. It just may be your chance to witness the beginning of something great.

Download “Sayonara”  HERE.

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Country music has played a role in every chapter of my life. I find myself loving traditional sound but connecting to the lyrics and music of today. I have a deep appreciation for the songwriting community and am passionate about making sure their story gets told as well. Florida based but travel often, mostly to cover music events. Social Media Correspondent/addict, coffee lover and wino. Looking forward to taking this journey with you….

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