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We are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day and sharing with all of you just which artists we have our eyes on. We picked our favorite current and up and coming artists who we think are ones to watch in 2017!

Who Kelly Hettenbaugh Loves @Khettenb

There’s a saying that continues to resonate with me..  “sometimes you need the music, sometimes you need the lyrics.” So when asked about artists that I love, I had to dedicate that list to a few of my favorite songwriters.

Kristen Kelly
Although Kristen made her way to country radio years ago with “Ex Old Man”, its her recent appearances at BMI’s songwriters festivals that drew me to her. She recently performed her song titled “B-Side,” and I truly think this is the time for Kristen’s B-Side to shine. Not only does she have insane powerhouse vocals, but her lyrics hit you to the core of your being. So many of her songs are relatable to almost anyone. From “Getting Over Someone,” to her recent demo written with Erik Dylan “Ashes,” I’ve spent many hours in the past couple of years listening to Kristen’s lyrics. Love you girl!
Dave Fenley
Close your eyes and picture a raspy voiced, Texas Southern Baptist Church choir singing, Reality show contestant, beat boxing artist… a little confused what this might look like? Well the same happens when you SEE Dave and wonder what he might sound like. His amazing voice and killer personality might not be your first guess! I also first met Dave at one of BMI’s Songwriters Festivals, when he started playing to a loud crowd on the beach in Key West. Needless to say, I’ve rarely heard a crowd silence that quickly. From his rocking out/beat boxing mix of “Welcome To The South” to “We Got This” which he was invited to perform at the Republican National Convention, there will be a sound and style of Dave’s that you’re sure to enjoy. And if not? His infectious laugh will win you over. Keep spreading love like peanut butter, buddy! 


Who Kristin Whyte Loves @KristinMarie21

Brett Young

2016 came and went, yet one thing remained, Brett Young, and from the sounds of it, I do not think he will be leaving any time soon. After the success of his radio smash, “Sleep Without You”, to his current single “In Case You Didn’t Know”, Brett Young has been all over the airwaves with his unmistakable voice, and lyrics that will pull at your heartstrings. With the recent release of his self titled debut record, Brett Young has proven himself as a stellar songwriter and a country artist that has already claimed 2017 as his own. 


Charlie Worsham

After a 5 track tease from music off his upcoming record, Charlie Worsham and his traditional country sound, and impeccable song writing abilities has us anxious for April. Since the release of Rubberband, a solid work of art from start to finish, the Beginning Of Things has already captivated our attention, and have only made us eager to hear the rest. Throughout his career, Charlie Worsham has stayed true to himself as a musician, as well as the genre of country music. 



Who Sarah Russo Loves @DrSarah1on1

Carter Winter

About a year ago there was a buzz about this new up and comer named Carter Winter.  I had heard a few of his songs, but there was one in particular that grabbed my attention.  The track is titled “Lipstick on My Bottle”.  There was just something about his voice that made me want to meet him!

At this past years CMA Fest I finally had the opportunity!  Carter and his performance on the Hard Rock stage was awesome.  I turned to my producer and said he’s definitely going to be a star.  And over the past year he has been killing it!  It’s incredible to see how much his fan base has grown!  We even had him here in Boston and the line was down Landsdowne Street.
Make sure to check out Carter and his music on  He is currently touring all over the U.S.  I promise you don’t want to miss it!  Congrats Carter Winter you’re my one to watch in 2017!  And now you have GotCountry!


Who Stefanie Richardson Loves @Stefanie0518

Cale Dodds

My favorite artist, hands down, is Cale Dodds.  Cale recently signed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville & is working on his debut album.  While we wait for that highly anticipated album, you can get his self released EP “People Watching” on iTunes.  Cale’s live performances are hard to beat.  He was born to be on a stage.  Cale is a ball of energy & instantly wins over the crowd.  He’s hilarious & one of the kindest people you could ever wish to meet.  When I told him I was writing this, he immediately told me to let him know how he could help.  He’s the real deal and has a huge future ahead of him.  Give him a follow on social media.  (@CaleDodds) You never know what will show up, especially on Snapchat – holidays with his family are solid entertainment…

cale for artists we loveIMG_20160926_075148

 Seth Ennis

If you haven’t heard of Seth Ennis, you will most definitely know his name soon.  His debut single “Woke Up In Nashville” has seen a lot of airtime on Sirius XM’s The Highway.  He will be hitting the road with Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, and Billy Currington this year.  Seth is a good ole Georgia boy, but spent time all over the world when his dad was in the military.  He is a sweetheart & feels like a friend the moment you meet him.  This guy is extremely talented – he played all instruments on “Woke Up In Nashville”! – and I couldn’t be happier for all that is in store for him.

00_sethennis IMG_20170204_220235_038


I have followed Filmore for a few years, and got to meet him in 2015 when he opened for Cale Dodds.  I don’t want to keep repeating myself about how nice these guys are, but I have to…  Filmore can’t be left out of that category. I’ve seen him play a few times & it’s been fun to watch him grow as an artist [and the evolution of his man bun ;)]. He toured with Michael Ray in the fall of 2016 & finished out the year opening for Sam Hunt.  His EP “Proof” and single “Goodnight” are both on iTunes.  I love his EP, but “Goodbye” is no doubt my favorite. Filmore has a unique sound that is completely his own – it just works… He’s very active on Instagram & his super cute puppy frequents his stories.  (@FilmoreMusic) There are lots of tour dates scheduled for 2017, so catch a show if you can!



Who We’d Still Give A Valentine To…

Brian Sutherland
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April Kry
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David Fanning

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