Bailey Bryan performing at Warner Music Nashville.


Music is a powerful thing. Not only can it bring thousands of people together for a concert & in turn create life-long friendships, it can also speak directly to the soul of a single person and mean the world in that moment. I had the pleasure of meeting and seeing Bailey Bryan perform at Warner Music Nashville during CMA Fest. I have followed her on social media since I first heard of her months ago, but my respect for her has grown tremendously.  She’s down to earth, funny, real, and someone who will be a great role model for young girls.

Bryan with label mates Ryan Kinder, Cale Dodds, and Devin Dawson, and Got Country’s Stefanie Richardson.

Bryan’s EP “…So Far” was released in April. To be honest, I had only listened to one song before last week – “Own It.” It’s a great song with a good message, but now that I’ve heard the rest of the EP, the one that sticks out to me most is “Scars.” Bryan is very open about her corrective surgery for scoliosis, and the scar that she has as a result. She doesn’t try to hide it, and has used the experience in a way that will relate to so many others.

My sister was recently in a very bad auto accident. She broke both of her legs and cannot put any weight on them for several months. She has a scar that now covers most of her left shin, up to her knee, along with scars on her right leg. As I listened to “Scars,” I had tears streaming down my face and just kept thinking that I needed to immediately send the song to my sister.

“They say when you’re broken, the light gets in. Maybe that’s where the healing begins.”

The scars go further than skin deep. The scars are emotional as well. But sometimes it takes breaking in order to have a reason to heal & become a better version of yourself.

“Been rockin’, been reelin’, I’m broken, but I’m healing. I am who I am.

We wouldn’t be who we are, who we are, who we are, without our scars.”

My sister’s response to “Scars” was: “That song may mean something different to me than what she meant it to be, but it hit me. That line about when you’re broken the light gets in… It’s so true. This has changed the way I look at everything. If you talk to her again, please tell her thank you for writing that song, and that it meant something to me.” So Bailey, if you’re reading this, thank you!  

Stefanie Richardson

Stefanie Richardson

I was born & raised in Orlando, FL. I love living here, but my dream and goal is to be in Nashville sooner rather than later.. I grew up on country music and remember riding around in my dad’s truck singing along to Reba, The Judds, and of course King George. Pure Country was a movie that played often in our house. These days, I absolutely love following “up and coming” artists. Anyone who knows me knows that Cale Dodds is my favorite; and when he’s touring anywhere in the southeast, I’m at his show. I love everything about country music; the way artists appreciate their fan base, the loyalty the fans show their favorite performers, and how it brings people together. I can thank country music for allowing me to meet some awesome people, and some who have become dear friends.

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