Benton Blount VideoThat Should Of Been Private Goes Viral Of Him Performing “Your First Lullaby”

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When does a technological “accident” turn into a career changing event? If you’re Benton Blount it happens when you post what is supposed to be a private video on Youtube and suddenly find that over 40,000 people had watched it by the next day. That’s exactly what happened when Blount posted a video online for his newest song Your First Lullaby.


Benton and his wife Ashley welcomed the newest addition to the family, Jaxon, just a few months before. Newborns often have a hard time going to sleep and it just so happened one day, in an effort to help Jaxon get some sleep, Benton did for Jaxon what he’s done for thousands of others all over the country – he picked up his guitar, started playing and singing. It wasn’t long before a father’s heartfelt words started pouring out and Your First Lullaby was created.


Blount decided to turn his video camera on and record the song for his wife who was away at the time. He posted the video of him performing his new song on Youtube at what was supposed to be a private link, just so she could see and hear it. However, before the next day had passed, the song had exploded, racking up tens of thousands of plays. It was only then Blount realized his mistake – he had accidentally made the video public.


In less than two weeks, the raw rendition of Your First Lullaby has generated over 200,000 viral views from fans all over the world. Hundreds of new fans have requested the song be turned into an official release. Blount says, “I honestly wrote the song to help Jaxon go to sleep and never intended to release it myself. After hundreds of parents sent messages saying that they play the video to their children at night to help them sleep, I figured a studio session was the only logical next step.”


Daphne Mitchell, owner of Creek Entertainment states, “Benton has such an amazing musical talent. He is incredible at painting beautiful pictures through his lyrics, and he has the kind of strong male vocal styling so many can identify with. His honesty really shows with a song like “Your Last Lullaby”, and it’s no surprise that in just a short amount of time the public has accepted him with the strong support they have. My team and I are thrilled to be working with him on this release.”


Blount will enter the studio soon to record Your First Lullaby which will be released independently through Creek Entertainment. Listen to the song below, and let us know what you think.



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