Bobby Bones and Kacey Musgraves Battle It Out In Twitter War



If you’ve opened your Internet Explorer browser anytime yesterday or today, you’ve been made aware of the very heated social media feud between Bobby Bones and Kacey Musgraves. Holy Smokes! For those of you who aren’t aware, Bobby is the newest Morning Show Host for iHeart Radio (which pipes him into over 50 of our favorite country stations nationwide). Tuesday morning on Bobby’s show, he opened a can of worms which has led to the war of keyboards on Twitter.


Bobby aired an interview he did with Kacey at the CMA awards back in November. He aired a very tiny clip of the actual interview he did with her, accusing her of being “rude” and “annoyed” and claiming she entered though the wrong area.  I’m guessing this didn’t ignite the warmest of feelings towards him for Kacey. Since the original airing of the few seconds of his interview with Kacey, he’s continued to poke fun at her, claiming that they’re basically similar people, could “be friends”, and begging her to respond to the tweets he’d sent her.


After Tuesday’s show, Bobby posted to his twitter page:


 “Will @KaceyMusgraves ever respond to my tweets. Enter your answer now; A: yes, B: no,”.


Kacey then responded with:


“If you’d play our original interview in full and tell people how you unfairly re-edited it I might think about talking to you.”


To which he replied:


“I did play the thing in full. I just played OVER AND OVER when you were rude.”


In all fairness, the entire interview was never played on Bobby’s show. In the interview that lasted approximately a minute and a half, Kacey talked about what a whirlwind year 2013 had been, aspirations for 2014, and just being “thankful” to all of her family, friends, and everyone who’d helped her get where she was that day. I can understand Bobby’s point of view on the interview in the fact that no, she didn’t have a lot of inflection in her voice to show the excitement she was expressing, but hey, maybe that’s not her style.


Kacey defended herself by tweeting:


I normally wouldn’t take part in this kinda stuff but since it’s gotten outta hand: The original interview that audio was taken from, unfairly edited, and played on air can be found through the link on this page . Watch it for yourself. For the record: I am a songwriter and a musician. That’s what I’ve been passionate about my entire life and it’s really sad that the focus got taken away from that. Above all- I’m human. Not a robot. Especially at 8 AM. I don’t stroke egos and that doesn’t make me a “shit head.” When you hear the music that means so much to me to make, that’s all that should matter.”


Agreed Kacey Musgraves! The music is what should matter. Kacey is a very talented singer/songwriter, who was up for 6 nominations that night. Maybe her interview was lackluster due to nerves, being new to the “industry”, knowing she had several more interviewers that would be asking the same exact questions that day, or maybe the fact that she’s a just a “songwriter and musician”, not a pro at giving interviews.


What are your thoughts on the war of words between Kacey Musgraves and Bobby Bones?


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