Brett Eldredge “Love Someone” Single Review

Brett Eldredge’s self-titled CD is currently up for pre-order; hitting stores and online platforms on August 4, 2017. He just released his song Love Someone off of that CD, and I love it! I’ve been on the Brett train for a while now, from seeing him play at my college bar, to small arenas, and now CMA Fest, he brings more and more energy, each time leaving everything on the stage! Brett has one of those killer voices that sounds exactly the same on the radio as it does in concert. His songs have a vibe about them that make them very identifiable that they are his, and this song is no different!

“Love Someone” talks about how it feels to love someone, in an upbeat, “you complete me” kind of way! He talks about how that person puts the weak in your knees, the cool in the breeze, and basically how that person completes you. Every line is filled with a different way of how that person makes it so easy to love them, and in turn how it feels so good to love someone.

“When you laugh at the way I dance

When you smile when you hold my hand

I look at you and I understand

It sure feels good to love someone”

Make sure if you don’t have it already, you grab Love Someone and pre-order Brett’s CD!


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