Brynn Marie Covers “Let it Go”, Talks Music and Future

Rising Country Star, Brynn Marie has been submerged with music her entire life. She trained classically on the violin, her dad was a drummer and they formed a family christian band when she was still a child. Brynn is a stunning girl with zest for life. She looks like a rocker chic on stage but grew up riding dirt bikes with her brother. She has a passion for Disney and can be quite girly at times. These different facets and her love for experiencing new things gives her something to write about.


GC: Did you ever have a plan B or was music always the plan?

BM: I’m so passionate about whatever my heart is into. Music was always it for me. I had a vision and I get stuck on one thing. I moved to Nashville, networked and worked non stop to make it happen.

GC: What was the moment you felt you really had a shot at this?

BM: I was performing overseas at an Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. We did 18 shows in 21 days covering 5 different countries. Everyone expected me to be exhausted when I returned, but I came back more energized than ever. I realized just how important music is to people. Here we were in a war zone and music was more powerful than ever.

GC: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

BM: Just be you and everything else will be ok. Be patient, dedicated and be yourself. That advice came from my Gram who has impacted my life so much.

GC: Your Gram was a personal mentor. Is there someone who impacted you musically?

BM: Musically would be Pat Benatar. I was honored to be on tour with her for a year. She took me under her wings and encouraged me along the way. Just to have that experience and to watch her night after night was so impactful to me.  I love how her music is so in your face, so entertaining, so direct. She’s such a strong force on stage. I was always be forever grateful to her.

GC: What has been the biggest honor in your career so far?

BM: Singing at the Ryman auditorium. I got a standing ovation and it took my breath away. My entire family drove in from Pennsylvania to watch me live out my dream. When my performance was done I headed backstage with my family and team, so overwhelmed by the support. We were all standing backstage and we all started singing acapella. Tears were flowing and at that moment every mile that I’ve ever driven, all the hard times were suddenly worth it. I’m not sure that moment can ever be topped.

GC: Are you ever misunderstood? What is something people may not know about you? 

BM: I look like a total rocker chic onstage but off stage I am a huge softie. I adore Disney movies and dream of being the voice of a Disney character someday. Everyone assumes Im rocker chic all the time and then they see me offstage in a Disney shirt. Never judge a book by the cover.

GC: What is next for you?

BM: I’m also doing a lot of writing right now. Also, I’m touring all over the country with my band. We hop in a van and drive to every city ourselves. It’s a really hard working group and we have become a family. My favorite part is when someone doesn’t know who I am and is exposed to my music for the first time. It’s a thrill for me.

Brynn Marie recently release an EP “Things Change“. The 5 song EP included her debut single, “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole” as well as her follow up  single/video that appeared on Billboard last year, “I’m Sorry“. Her passion for Disney led to the decision to cover the platinum hit, “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen.

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