CARLY PEARCE: “Every Little Thing” Video

Guys, we have all gone through a break up or two in our lives, I’m sure.  If you haven’t heard the emotional song by Big Machine’s latest and greatest find, Carly Pearce, you surely need to!  Carly recently splashed onto the country top 20 with her hit “Every Little Thing,” and followed up with a very emotional video that just tugs at your heart strings.  Let us know what you think of it!

Sarah Russo

Sarah Russo

Sarah Russo comes to GotCountryOnline from DirtyWaterMedia in Boston, Ma. For the last 3 years she has hosted 1on1 with Dr. Sarah, interviewing some of country music’s hottest stars. Her career first started as a love/relationship host, but as more celebrities stopped by she grew to have a passion for the country music scene! She has appeared at the CMA awards, CMAFest, and has filmed many of her shows at WestlightStudios and 12th and Porter. When she is not filming she is very passionate about rescuing animals and doing hot yoga.

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