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SINGLE REVIEW: Carly Pearce “Every Little Thing”


You may know Carly Pearce from The Josh Abbot Band’s hit “Wasn’t That Drunk.” Pearce’s voice is one that can’t be ignored. Her current single “Every Little Thing” proves this. The Highway on SiriusXM has been playing the song since November, and it has quickly risen to the top of their Hot 30 weekly countdown. “Every Little Thing” is haunting, ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Filmore “Goodnight”


Filmore released a new single, “Goodnight”, on Friday. It’s pretty much been on repeat since then. Part of the reason is because I wanted to write this review, so I needed to listen to it. However, let’s just be honest – the song is THAT good. The more you listen, the more you love it. “Goodnight” is all about an ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Ashliegh Lisset “Goodbye”


Putting the good in bye is Ashliegh Lisset with her upcoming single “Goodbye”. “Maybe it was never love Baby even if it was You’d think that it would hurt enough to cry I never thought I’d watch you leavin I wonder why it felt so easy Baby maybe that’s the reason why It was a goodbye” Best-case scenario when a ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Brooklyn James ” Slow & Steady”


Carrie Underwood sings (in “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”) about what my own heart instantly found to be true three plus decades ago when I looked into my newborn’s eyes for the first time– “I finally found what I never knew I always wanted I couldn’t see; I was blind ’til my eyes were opened I didn’t know ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Dustin Vye “Get Your Game On”


Dustin Vye is sharp, enthusiastic, and ready in his new single “Get Your Game On”, a song that will heighten your spirits and inspire you to reach your goals. The lines are short yet pack a punch, much like the message behind the lyrics. The single line, “Set the path for your next story” resonates, and allows each listener to apply ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Tyler Farr “Our Town”


There are songs, and then there are SONGS.  Tyler Farr’s new single, “Our Town,” is a SONG.  I downloaded “Our Town” on my way to work and put it on repeat the rest of the way.  The first time I heard it, I got chills.  I played it for my friend and she said, “Are you trying to make me ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Abbi Scott “Love Wasn’t Ready For Me”


Clinton, Indiana native Abbi Scott has said her favorite song she’s written is “I’ve Got My Own Shotgun”. She co-wrote it with Phillip White (Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, and Scotty McCreary) Think young Miranda Lambert when you listen. Abbi teamed again with Phillip who produced last year’s single “Flying” (written by Josh Jenkins, Geoff Ice, Denton Hunker, Joshua Wilkerson, and ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Rich O’Toole “American Kid”


Rich O’Toole just released the song of the season. Summer, 2016, meet “American Kid”. This upbeat, feel good tune about the land we live is bursting with pride. Texas artist, Rich O’Toole holds nothing back as the strength and passion in his voice embodies every word sung. “Got red, white, and blue running through my veins, My Grandfather’s dad fought for ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Amber Leigh White “Float”


Twenty-five years ago Edna, TX native teen Amber Leigh White left home with baby daughter Jordyn. She wrote “Easy Lovin’ You” about their journey (the song was recorded in 2003 by Chalee Tennison). The duo then headed to Nashville in 1994, joining fellow writers and performers like Blake Shelton in “The Young Writers” group. Along the way Amber has written ... Read More »

SINGLE REVIEW: Dylan Scott “My Girl”


Dylan Scott recently did a 6 part video series intended to lead up to a big announcement. Well, I should really say announcements! He revealed a new single “My Girl”, an album release date of August 12, and sweetly introduced fans to his girl, Blair. And as if that wasn’t enough to keep fans talking, they got married a few ... Read More »