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Sweetwater Rain Twitter Party Recap


Lets all hit RT to welcome @SweetwaterRain to the #GotCountry Twitter Party — GotCountryOnline (@GotCountry) October 21, 2014 @GotCountry it’s a melting pot of funk, country, blues and classic rock. #gotcountry oh and heavy metal! — Sweetwater Rain (@SweetwaterRain) October 21, 2014 @GotCountry playing around w/ band names and we loved the word Rain. We were driving through #Sweetwater, TX ... Read More »

Andrew Salgado Twitter Party Recap


We are getting ready to talk to last years @pepsiPSO winner @andrewsalgado. Please hold questions until the end if you can. #GotCountry — GotCountryOnline (@GotCountry) October 16, 2014 @GotCountry I’m ready — Andrew Salgado (@andrewsalgado) October 16, 2014 @GotCountry #gotcountry I started singing when I was 5, but didn’t know I could make a living at it til I was ... Read More »

Carissa Leigh Twitter Party


We usually ask you to hold off on your questions till the end but NOT TONIGHT. Let’s have a free-for-all with @carissaleigh #GotCountry — GotCountryOnline (@GotCountry) September 17, 2014 @barrman @GotCountry oooh tough question… Losing You is the most personal but I love the sassy side of Man Enoigh! #GotCountry — carissa leigh (@carissaleigh) September 18, 2014 @barrman @GotCountry Growing ... Read More »

Tyler Filmore and John Gurney Twitter Recap


Tonight is @GotCountry Twitter Party! Interviews where I can be pant-less eating cocoa puffs on my couch are my fav — John Gurney (@JohnGurneymusic) October 1, 2014 Q1 @johngurneymusic & @tylerfilmore you both started as solo careers what made you become a duo? #GotCountry — GotCountryOnline (@GotCountry) October 2, 2014 Still working on solo projects, but #TheLookout gave us ... Read More »

Ashliegh Lisset Twitter Party Recap


On Wednesday, September 24th, we held a Twitter Party for rising artist Ashliegh Lisset! Make sure to join us on Monday, September 29 at 8/7c as we hold a Twitter Party for Rose Falcon! “@GotCountry: You ready to get this party started @AshlieghLisset? #GotCountry” totally! — Ashliegh Lisset (@AshlieghLisset) September 25, 2014 @GotCountry my father played a role in several ... Read More »

Kristen Kelly Twitter Party Recap


On September 22 we held a Twitter Party for Kristen Kelly, discussing her love of P!nk and tendency to eat Oreos two at a time. Check out the recap and join us on Wednesday, September 24 at 8/7c when we talk with Ashleigh Lisset! Let’s PARTY!!! #gotcountry Twitter Party!!! “@GotCountry: You ready to get this party started @kristenkelly? #GotCountry” — ... Read More »

Leah Turner Twitter Party Recap


Fans went crazy with questions on Monday, Spetember 17th when GCO held a Twitter party for the beautiful Miss Leah Turner! So much so that Leah didn’t get to see some questions! But a great time was had by all and the audience response was amazing. Check out the recap below and make sure to join us on Wednesday, September ... Read More »

Grayson Rogers Twitter Party Recap


@GotCountry Ready as ever!!! Whats up ya’ll!!?! #GotCountry — Grayson Rogers (@GraysonRogers1) September 11, 2014 @GotCountry A1: Definitely rocking in-your-face country. #GotCountry — Grayson Rogers (@GraysonRogers1) September 11, 2014 @GotCountry A2: @dustinlynch He was a killer entertainer and knew how to work the crowd. #GotCountry — Grayson Rogers (@GraysonRogers1) September 11, 2014 @GotCountry A3: Well, you can definitely expect the ... Read More »

ZinePak Twitter Party Recap


September 8th found us sitting down with the amazing creators of ZinePak, which creates custom, interactive content for targeted super-fans of music, movies, sports, events, and brands. In country music they have recently created packs for Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley and are soon to release the much anticipated Kenny Chesney ZinePak! All right, all right, all right @GotCountry Who’s ready ... Read More »

Austin Webb Twitter Party Recap


Austin Webb was undoubtable our most interesting and hilarious guest at our Twitter Party on Wednesday, September 3rd. We tried a different format, allowing the fans to have free-reign over the conversation……. see the tweets below, or better yet visit our Twitter page to view Austin’s responses to laugh at his amazingly quirky personality. .@rmille52 @GotCountry Yes, one time i ... Read More »