Chris Young To The Rescue During His Show In Glens Falls, NY

Chris Young To The Rescue During His Show In Glens Falls, NY

RCA recording artist Chris Young has been known for his chivalry and no-mess attitude when it comes to the conduct of his audience members; in 2011 Young stopped during the middle of “Getting You Home” in Lousiana to remove an “assclown” who pushed a lady in the face, even apologizing for his use of a four letter word and checking on the woman before resuming his show. Although not as expletive, Young came to the rescue again at a show in Glens Falls, NY on Friday night.

According to multiple sources, two men in the crowd started getting a bit hostile and began fighting. Stopping during his hit “You”, Young told the battling duo to “quit, there’s kids in here”. Young didn’t even request the men to be removed, as long as they stopped fighting each other. Check the YouTube video of Young in action.


If you go to one of his shows (you can find his list of tour dates at remember to keep yourself in line, drink beer and have a good time.

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  1. I was at this show and I applaud him for caring about his youngest fans so much. True, there were a lot of children in the audience that night. This was just after he recognized a little girl near me who was sitting on a young man’s shoulders so Chris could see her sign that this was her first concert. He made that young girl’s first concert a very memorable one but recognizing her and her sign. Then right after that, he called those 2 guys out for starting a fight!!! As if I didn’t love him enough already, those 2 things made me love him even more!!!!

    • And I forgot to mention that this is a video my friend, Katie Totorello, took of this.

    • Katelyn tortorello

      That’s exactly what happened. He pointed out the two little girls, and he turned his head and yelled “HEY!” And I hit the record button.

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