Cole Swindell Fan of Tyler Eifert As He Pulls For Cincinnati Bengals in Playoffs

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Cole Swindell is a Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons fan but since they are not in this weekend’s playoff games he tells Albright & O’Malley & Brenner that a meeting with a NFL rookie for the Cincinnati Bengals has him pulling for the AFC North Champs.


“Just a big football fan in general man and now that my Falcons aren’t looking so hot, the fact that Tyler and the boys have a good shot, I might have to pull for the Bengals the rest of the year so.” (laugh)


Cole and Tyler became friends when they met on Luke Bryan’s tour bus during his Cincinnati visit on the ‘2013 Dirt Roads Diary Tour.’


Tyler Eifert is a tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals, who wears the number #85.


The Cincinnati Bengals selected him in first round, 21st overall, of the 2013 NFL Draft.


Eifert played college football for the University of Notre Dame and was recognized as the top college tight end in 2012-2013 season helping take his team to the 2013 BCS National Championship Game only to fall short against the Alabama Crimson Tide 42-14.


Tyler is a fan of all Country music including Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney and has never met Eric Church and would like to hang out with him sometime.


Tyler Eifert of the Bengals tells Albright & O’Malley & Brenner that country music relates to his crazy, hectic life as a professional football player.


“I’m a huge country fan, I mean that’s all I really listen to,” Tyler tells Dan Van from Albright & O’Malley & Brenner about why he enjoys country music. “Things I can relate to you know, life is kind of crazy with all the technologies and things it kind of simplifies things whether it’s hunting or fishing, drinking a beer or hanging with buddies that’s all stuff I like to do I enjoy going to the concerts they are always a good time.”


Tyler and AFC North Division Champion Cincinnati Bengals will face the San Diego Chargers this coming Sunday (1/5) in Cincinnati on CBS-TV at 1:00pm ET.


Cole will be promoting, his Top 8 single,Chillin Iton January 16th when he begins an opening stint with Luke Bryan on the ‘That’s My Kind of Night’ Tour.


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