CONCERT REVIEW: Caroline Kole at Boots on the Beach at Hogans Beach, Tampa, FL

Boots on the Beach, a concert series hosted at Hogan’s Beach in Tampa, FL by Pied Piper Productions, kicked off their second installment with headliners Chasin’ Crazy, however once guests arrived upon the stage they witnessed a mass of fans anticipating the opener, Caroline Kole.
The 17 year old Kole is a Tampa native and her following is large; currently residing in Nashville and being managed by Narvel Blackstock, famed manager and husband of Reba McEntire, Kole is generating buzz all on her own. Before the show she was found taking photos with fans young and old, reminiscing with friends and embracing new fans as old friends. Her bubbly personality really shined, offsetting the terrible storm that had just soaked the outdoor venue. But the sun was shining when she hit the stage in front of a large crowd, singing originals like “Money to Me“, the tear-worthy “The Guy I’m Gonna Marry” and her new single “If He’d Ever Look Up“, in which she thanked both the local radio station and Sirius XM for playing them and the fans for making them #1 on CMT’s Pure Country Countdown.
Just starting her senior year of high school in Nashville, the songstress showed a talent well beyond her years while performing several covers, including “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert, “She’s In Love With the Boy” by Trisha Yearwood, Hunter Hayes‘ “I Want Crazy” and even a rendition of “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen. And of course, Kole covered a very mature rendition of her mentors single “Turn on the Radio“.

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“I am proud to say I know most of you guys here and I am so proud to be home. Thank you for making this trip back so warm and welcoming” she said, showing a great deal of appreciation to new and familiar faces in the crowd. It was a touching show for Kole in more than just being in front of friends and family – during the introduction of her band (including a stand-in, Reba McEntire’s keyboardist Doug Sizemore), she became emotional acknowledging her drummer, whom was departing the band and this was his final performance. Kole’s tears wheld and her voice cracked as she thanked him for so many things, including finding a bassist to securing a guitar teacher to a great deal of others things. She expressed praise towards her drummer and wished him the best on his future success. A collective sigh could be heard through the crowd as everyone in attendance was touched by that moment.
If you have the opportunity to see Caroline Kole live, you will not be disappointed. The little lady with the big voice can be found opening for her mentor, Reba McEntire, on select dates and headlining her own performances. Access dates and up-to-date information on and on her Twitter and Facebook pages.

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