CONCERT REVIEW: Chasin’ Crazy Takes Florida By Storm

Beginning July 31st, 2014, Florida members of the Chasin’ Crazy “Chasers” had a busy weekend – the quintuplet country band was spending three days in the Sunshine State.

Local Orlando country music station K92.3 kicked off the weekend by hosting an “Eat and Greet” with Chasin’ Crazy on the 31st, offering an intimate studio performance with lucky contest winners for a chance to grab some pizza, listen to some tunes, and get a chance to hang with the band. Performing a 4 song showcase, Crazy opened with “Why You Gotta Be So Good”, followed by “Good Time Back”, “Slip Away”, and closed with their hot summer anthem and current single “That’s How We Do Summertime”, all available on their upcoming album. Taking some time to meet and take photos with their fans and radio personalities AJ and Ashley, they came to a side table to autograph photos and chat with their followers: Chatting, selfies, lots of hugs, and plenty of laughter was shared with the group. The performance was perfect, a great balance of songs to showcase their unique sound, and Creigh, Landon, Forest, Jimmy, and Travis really displayed how much they cared for their fans.

See photos from the Eat and Greet HERE:

Friday night found the guys at Cowboys in Ocala, FL, bringing in fans new and old. Opening with the upbeat tempo “All Kinds of Crazy“, the guys played an array of originals, such as “Girls” and “Kiss Like That“, mixed in with a few covers, including Tim McGraw’s “Real Good Man” following an intro of the Allman Brothers hit “Midnight Rider“, and Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up”. Chasin Crazy entertained the new dance hall with their beautiful harmonies while showing their individual personalities (such as guitarist Jimmy James Hunter’s dance moves and Forest and Creigh’s change of instruments). Closing with “That’s How We Do Summertime“, those who did not know the band before that night left anticipating an upcoming album.

See photos from Cowboys Ocala HERE:

Ocala may have shown the amazing entertaining abilities of Chasin’ Crazy, but Saturday night’s performance headlining the concert series Boots on the Beach at Hogan’s Beach in Tampa, Fl, truly showcased the dedication and professionalism of such young musicians. Getting a little relaxation in before the performance, Creigh, Jimmy and Travis could be found playing beach volleyball with patrons; unfortunately, as it happens in Florida during summer, the clouds rolled in and the skies opened up, flooding the beach with a forcefully obscene amount of rain. After about 45 minutes the skies cleared, the stage was dry, and the concert began with newcomer and Tampa native Caroline Kole taking the stage. The weather held up, her performance was remarkable, and the stage was set for the band. Too much dismay, Mother Nature had other plans – shortly after Chasin’ Crazy ascended the stage the skies opened again. Concert goers held out as long as they could in front of the stage before running to neighboring cabanas and the adjoining covered walkways. But the band played on as the rain came down harder and the wind picked up, almost similar to a tropical storm – performing much of the same set list as the previous night, those brave souls getting drenched in front of the stage and those hidden under shelter went crazy (no pun intended) when they performed a rendition of Eminem‘s hit “Lose Yourself“.

Through the nasty storm the band kept on, laughing and commenting on how rain is a good thing (referencing Luke Bryan‘s hit of the same name). Stage hands scrambled to cover equipment as the rain pound down, with the winds soaking the band under the covered stage (particularly drummer Travis Fincher), but as stated at the beginning of this portion of the review, the guys showed just how professional they are – for such young ages (20 – 25), they kept on cue, seamlessly transitioning through songs while there harmonies were flawless. They saw the immediate crowd slimming but kept on performing as if they were playing to a packed arena hall; the 15-20 drenched fans up front were treated as the greatest fans in the world.

Their performance was so spectacular that a few fans called for an encore however with lightning approaching, Chasin’ Crazy finally had to descend the stage and find coverage themselves. After returning their instruments to their van, they embraced every soaked person individual waiting for a photo or a hug. An average or sporadic concert-goer may have felt that the show was a bust, but anyone who knows the time and dedication that goes into performing will state that these five young gentlemen but on a show they or attendees will never forget.

With an upcoming album and tv show on GAC gearing to be released later this year, Chasin Crazy’ has the talent, ambition, and charisma to make it to the big time. Florida eagerly awaits their return and if you’re interested to see the performances that took the Sunshine State by storm check out upcoming dates on Bands in Town or through social media.

(Orlanda and Ocala shows contributed by: Samantha Mutschler)

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