CONCERT REVIEW: Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over World Tour

CONCERT REVIEW: Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over World Tour

Chris Young’s I’m Comin’ Over World Tour started months ago with a trip overseas and the subsequent start of his U.S. portion last month, but Friday the 13th’s stop was not only a typical stop, it was his 5th Studio CD Launch date as well! Both proved to be a lucky coincidence on this often labeled unlucky day!!

Young brought along country rocker chick, Clare Dunn and soft spoken, laid back singer/songwriter Eric Paslay with him on this leg of the tour! Each providing an element of high intensity, country laden R & B vibe to precursor Young’s expected high energy and emotion intensive set, all to make this the luckiest Friday the 13th night for all!!

With this being the release date of his “I’m Comin Over” CD, Young eluded to fans that he “[would] do something I’ve never done before” that night! Fans made their guesses, but this fan was hoping for a special appearance by either Cassadee Pope or Vince Gill, both of whom appear on this album in duets with Young! Neither, unfortunately was the surprise, however, Young announced mid set that since this was the release date, he would stay after and sign every single copy of his CD to anyone who bought one or two or 10! He vowed to stay as long as he needed to until all were signed! Which
proved to be a long night seeing the crowd that stayed was close to 2500 people- can
you say “hand cramp”?

Dunn started the evening with her amped up set that included; Tuxedo, Cowboy Side of You, and her latest Single “Move On”. She owned the stage making her high energy infectious to the crowd, never disappointing, ending her set with her signature rendition of Led Zepplin’s “Black Dog”, a crowd pleaser for sure!20151113-DSCN3659

Next up was Texas native, Eric Paslay, who in his own right is not just a soft spoken redhead, but a talented songwriter, who has scored lots of #1’s with the likes of Jake Owen (“Barefoot Blue Jean Night”), Eli Young Band (“Even if it Breaks Your Heart”), and Rascall Flatts’ (“Rewind”) to name a few. Paslay belted out hits like #1 Single “Friday Night”, gave an emotional rendition of “She Don’t Love You” and his latest single “High Class”, in which the crooner donned black shades during his performance! His command of the stage, albeit toned down from Dunn’
s high energy set, was filled with a little Jazz, R & B, and a little bit of Moonwalking, proving that this songwriter is comfortable on stage as well as in front of a piece of paper!20151113-DSCN3704

Next was the much anticipated highlight of the evening, Chris Young! His set, amped with more graphics & lighting set the mood for an energy impacting, emotional laden set with both song & thanks for all his fans that have gotten him to this point in his career! Young set the tone for the evening with a new song from his just released CD “I’m Comin Over”, called “Underdogs”….a sports anthem that any team could use for highlight reels on film day! This song is a proven winner in my book & can see it as a Game Day Anthem for any team! In between songs, Young always lauded the crowd/fans with praise for getting him to where he is! He belted out #1 hits like “Getting’ You Home”, “Tomorrow”, and “You” as well as his very popular Top 5’s “I Can Take it From There“, “Lonely Eyes”as well as his latest “I’m Comin Over”! He even went back to shortened fan fav’s like “Dashboard” and “Drinking Me Lonely” with a full performance of “When She’s On” from the “Neon” album!


Young then slowed things down with an amazing vocal performance of another song off the new CD, worthy of future #1 status, “I Know a Guy” an emotional, heartfelt ode to the typical “I miss you” story, but Young’s vocals demonstrated how emotionally charged this song really is! It was a goosebump moment for me!

This usually unlucky day turned into a very lucky night for not only Young, Paslay, & Dunn, it was for fans as well!!

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