CONCERT REVIEW: Garth Brooks, Orlando FL.

CONCERT REVIEW: Garth Brooks, Orlando FL.

Garth Brooks. Trisha Yearwood. Country Royalty. As a kid who grew up in the best era of Country music, this was a dream show to catch. After 18 years Garth was finally returning to Orlando, FL for four back-to-back shows. I was given the opportunity to work the GhostTunes VIP Experience dinner before the show. If you ever have the chance to participate in the VIP Experience, I highly recommend it.

Working the dinner gave me a very different view of the show/whole experience. I was able to be backstage and meet some of the crew. Everyone I came across was beyond nice. Thanks to Hurricane Matthew, the four shows were merged into two double headers. I can’t complain because I was able to see the show after the VIP Experience was over.

The arena was packed with loud & joyful fans for both shows. Brooks matched the noise with his energy on stage. I’ve always heard that he puts on an amazing show, and he did not disappoint. The stage isn’t over done; the focus is more on the music than special effects. Of course there is smoke & lights, even some confetti, but it was not overpowering in any way. Brooks was the entertainment – pure & simple. He told the crowd that when he pays good money to go to concerts, he wants to hear the old stuff & that is what we were going to get. All of the classics…

About an hour into the show, the beautiful Trisha Yearwood rises through the stage. The crowd goes wild. Husband & wife take the stage together. At the end of their song, as they are standing face to face, Garth pulls a piece of hair out of Trisha’s eyes and the smile she gives him is the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Yearwood then performs the next few songs as I sit in awe. I wore her “Thinkin’ About You” album out as kid. Hearing her sing “XXX’s and OOO’s” and “She’s In Love With The Boy” live is an experience I’ll always remember.

The last song Brooks sang before his encore was “The Dance.” This was particularly interesting to me. During the first show, he got choked up at the end of the song. Y’all, that song was released in 1989 & in 2016 he’s still getting choked up after singing it! I loved the raw emotion that he showed the crowd. I was curious to see what would happen when he sang it at the second show. He was very appreciative of everyone singing every word, but did not get emotional that time. It showed me how genuine he really is. Garth Brooks is one of those rare artists that you never hear a bad word spoken about, and I can absolutely see why. His “rookie” in the band has been with him for 22 years. Like I said, his crew was beyond nice. It’s great to see all of this and just know how great of a person Brooks really is. Not just a great person, but one heck of a performer!

Thank you so much to GhostTunes for making this unforgettable night possible.


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Stefanie Richardson
Born & raised in Orlando, FL, I love living here, but my dream and goal is to be in Nashville within the next 2 years. I grew up on country music and remember riding around in my dad's truck, singing along to Reba, The Judds and of course King George. Pure Country was a movie that played often in our house. These days, I absolutely love following "up and coming" artists. Anyone who knows me knows that Cale Dodds is my favorite; and when he's touring anywhere in the Southeast, I'm at his shows. I love everything about the genre; the way artists appreciate their fan base, the loyalty the fans display to their favorite performers, and how it all brings people together. I can credit meeting some awesome people and some of my friends- thanks to country music.

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