CONCERT REVIEW: Jerrod Niemann Pulls Double Duty At Bonita Springs, FL Show

What would you do if you were expected to play for a crowd and your wife/other half of your duo was sick and couldn’t perform? Would you cancel? Or would you grab a bottle or Jack Daniels, ask the headliner to play with you, and have boy’s night on stage?! Well, option #2 is exactly what Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square did last night when wife Shawna was sick.

The largest crowd ever to attend a Gator Country 101.9 Free Summer Concert Series show had a once in a lifetime experience when Jerrod Niemann took the stage with Keifer for the evening following openers Maddie & Tae, as well as local Southwest FL singer and season 1 of The Voice contestant Casey Weston. Niemann and Keifer played a wide variety of hits together including “Lover Lover“, “Are you Gonna Kiss Me Or Not“, “What Do You Want From Me“, and “I Can Drink To That All Night“.


On stage Keifer stated

“Y’all don’t understand how hard this is to do this without Shawna because I had to learn all of the girl parts, today!”

The two men had the crowd laughing as they sang “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About“, with Keifer giving a feeble attempt to reach the high key Shawna would normally sing at. The jokes continued as Jerrod asked Keifer to play the part of the Donkey in his song. The one night only new duo returned for an encore performing Hank Williams Jr’s “Family Tradition!” It was safe to say that the crowd and the boys were having a blast last night!

We hope Shawna is feeling better, she was greatly missed, but the guys had it under control

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Kelly Hettenbaugh

Growing up in upstate New York, I was the one hanging with the boys hunting and fishing that the country songs talk about. Driving the back roads to my grandparent’s house in the southern tier, I used to belt out Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s In Love With a Boy,” desperately wanting to be Katie and find my Tommy. I thought my parents turned it up because they knew I liked it.. I’ve since realized it was probably to drown out my less than stellar singing voice. Although a lot has changed since then, my love for country music has stayed with me. I now live in SW Florida and my interest lies more in the up and coming acts, and songwriters than it does the larger acts that are already successful. I love being the first to discover someone and watch their career grow as they find their way in today’s crazy country music world. Working five days a week- my weekends are spent at a show, doing something active outdoors, or catching up with friends. Since I get to enjoy FL everyday, my vacations usually revolve around music festivals or visiting my family back in NY :)

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