Concert Review: Jon Brings the Pardi to Cowboys Orlando

Whether you came out to Cowboys Orlando as a fan of Pardi’s or just came Whether you came out to Cowboys Orlando a for the free concert, there’s no doubt that Jon Pardi walked out of there with some new fans. The venue was packed on the dance floor and Pardi himself seemed to be surprised at the size of the crowd stating, “Man I thought there was only going to be 50 people here tonight…” Opening with title track off his current album “Write You a Song”, Pardi had the crowd at his fingertips and had them swaying and dancing along all night long.
When he asked the crowd how many had the album a good portion of the crowd roared out. I was about smack dab in the middle of the dance floor and observed a good mix of people drinking and having a good time, dancing and laughing, and some singing along with Pardi on every song. Pardi continued entertaining the crowd with songs off the current album, “Chasin’ Them Better Days”, “Empty Beer Cans” the song dedicated to all the “crazy ex-girlfriends”, “Missin’ You Crazy”, and “Trash a Hotel Room”. Pardi really got the crowd excited and everyone was singing along when he started singing Eric Church’s “Drink in My Hand” after talking about touring with Church “back in the day” in 2011.
As Pardi put it, “You always need a drinking song..” right before performing his new single, “When I’ve Been Drinkin’ “. Pardi definitely brought a good mix of fun feel good party songs as well as slowed the place down with “That Man” and “You’re My Alltime High” after stating, “Doing a song for the ladies. To every girl that’s rocked my world out there.” You know it must be a great song when you start seeing all the cell phones come out and “What I Can’t Put Down” was that song. The group of people around me who thus far had mostly just been enjoying the music wanted to make sure they had their own recording of one of Pardi’s hits. After singing “Happens All the Time”, Pardi closed up the night with crowd favorite and Top 10 Hit “Up All Night”. The crowd all moved forward and again out came the cellphones to get a snippet of Pardi’s much raved about single.
Pardi’s name is definitely fitting, the night was filled with great music and a good time. I have to say I got to hear Pardi in Panama City Beach back in August at Gulf Coast Jam but I really enjoyed him a lot more last night. I guess the smaller venue and atmosphere at Cowboy’s really allowed his voice to ring true. As Pardi put it in an interview with my Got Country Online co-worker, Amanda Mertz, “we’re just a rowdy bar band in a bar”. Pardi’s voice is like no other in country music and if you’re looking for some songs that will remind you of the good times, crazy relationships, and of course drinkin’ then I would suggest you download Pardi’s current album “Write You a Song” and try and catch him on his current tour. Tour dates available at
Samantha Dawn Mutschler

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

I am a country music loving cowgirl with a passion for helping kids with cancer. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL where I currently reside. When I am not submerged in country music, I am a professional photographer, social media junkie, and most importantly devoted to children with cancer. Jesus has blessed me with the gift of crocheting and I started my organization, Unraveled by Samantha Dawn, where I make crochet hats and wigs. I have also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the children that I have made hats for. I look to Country Music for comfort, joy, and relaxing. It’s cool to be part of the very best fan base ever!

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