Country Singer or Bouncer? You Decide

Many singer/songwriters get their start very young. They dream of being on stage and having their every word sung back to them. They dream of playing the Grand Ole Opry. They have even said singing our national anthem in front of sport arenas is a highlight. What they didn’t plan was in order to be the next greatest country music singer, you must double as a bouncer.

Lately there have been a string of fights broken up by some of our favorites. When you shove thousands of beer guzzling people in any space it seems to be a recipe for punches being thrown. Good news is these guys stepped right up and took charge. Obviously, their mamas raised them right. Which clip is your favorite?

Chris Young in the now infamous “Don’t Be An Assclown” fight.

Chris Young “Quit. The kids are here”

Tim McGraw patiently waits for them to stop before continuing.

How can you fight during “Anywhere with You”? Jake Owen

Luke Bryan schools the crowd on proper concert etiquette.


Tyler Farr getting “Redneck Crazy”

Kim Hooker

Country music has played a role in every chapter of my life. I find myself loving traditional sound but connecting to the lyrics and music of today. I have a deep appreciation for the songwriting community and am passionate about making sure their story gets told as well. Florida based but travel often, mostly to cover music events. Social Media Correspondent/addict, coffee lover and wino. Looking forward to taking this journey with you….

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