EP REVIEW: Clark Manson “Friday Nighters”

Ohio native Clark Manson just released his latest EP .You might recognize Clark and some of his songs if you’ve attended Cole Swindell’s Down Home Tour or Country Concert. From attending many of his shows I’ve been able to hear all of these songs live before they came out and I wanted to share some insight on why this EP needs to be one that you pre-order!

[3 Wishes]

This song has been out as a single since last summer, but you also get this one instantly when you pre-order! This song focuses on the fun summer love song without the summer fling. Clark sings about what someone would do if they had three wishes. It tells a story about the girl you dream of and how if you could have anything in the world, it would be her.

“I’d wish for you and me and that country view, driving around not much to do, slide on over put your hand on mine, them kisses that you’re giving got me flying real high … all three wishes, I’d wish for you.


[Spring Break Up]

Another instant download, this song will be the anthem of all spring break trips. This song is a fun, upbeat song about how if you’re going to get dumped timing is everything. There’s nothing fun about getting dumped through a text, unless it’s spring break and you’re headed to the beach with your friends.

“Next week I know it’s gonna suck, I’ll be hungover and I’ll miss you so much, but I ain’t worried about that got an airbrush hat that says ‘free hugs’, I’m going through a spring break up.”


[Friday Nighters]

This song reminds me of growing up in a small town and trying to find something to do with your friends when there isn’t really much around to do. It’s about the late nights that make the best memories.

“We’re the friday nighters, looking for a little good timers, in a town where it’s hard to find, you’re only choice is to call the girls, round up the boys.”


[Anytime Is A Good Time]

This is your It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere kind of song, because it doesn’t matter what day of the week, or what time of day, Anytime Is A Good Time (to drink)! If you need an excuse to grab a beer, just put on this song and enjoy!

“Anytime is a good time, to sip a little drink and just unwind, as long as there’s neon it’s a good sign, you can find the right occasion … don’t have to wait on 5 o’clock, the party stops at that first drop.”



This might be one of my favorites from the instant downloads. Clark sings about what a guy needs to do to get a girl’s attention. It’s about the girl playing hard to get.

“What I got gotta play to get you singing, what I gotta buy to get you drinking, what I got to do to get a girl like you looking attaboy like me.”


[Here’s To Here]

I believe this is my favorite song on the whole EP. After hearing it for the first time at a show the first thing I said when I saw Clark was that I needed this song months ago, and that it might be my favorite of all his songs. This song is all about living in the moment with the people around you.

“Make a move, make it count, make it something we’ll be talking ‘bout for years, and here’s to boys being boys drinking beer, here’s to girls, here’s to friends, here’s to here.”


I can’t say enough good things about Clark, his music, and his entire band and crew. They are always hanging out after the show to meet new fans, and catch up with old ones. Clark puts on a better show every time he hits the stage and brings more and more energy each time. This is a year that, I think, has big things in store for Clark and I can’t wait to watch it all happen! The Friday Nighters EP comes out March 10th, but you can get half of it right now!

Pre-Order your copy of Friday Nighters now here.


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Christine Tully

Christine Tully

I grew up in a small rural town in Ohio. I grew up on 90s country music with songs like Strawberry Wine and artists like Kenny Chesney playing on the radio. I grew up listening to only country music and to this day still do. If you ask anyone who knows me they will probably tell you, I am always at a show. People don’t typically ask what I have been doing, they typically ask “What was the last show you went to?” or “Who are you going to see next?”. My current favorites include Clark Manson and Drew Baldridge. There’s just something about knowing and believing in an artist and then watching people slowly fall in love with their music that will always attract me to this genre!

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