Eric Paslay Is Coaxed Into ‘Hairy’ Situation For Debut Album Releasing TOMORROW (2/4)



Eric Paslay has been letting things get a bit more “hairy” for about the last year and half.  Eric admits that he has allowed his trademark beard to grow a bit more out thanks to producer, Marshall Altman.


“There’s eight songs on the album that I recorded with Marshall Altman, He kinda started to grow out a beard and he was like “Dude grow out the beard,” and I’m like “Yeah I need to grow it out,” because I’ve always had somewhat facial hair.” Eric explains to Dan Van from Albright & O’Malley & Brenner.


Eric knows that good etiquette is to have a trimmed beard but avoids spending huge dollars on the manscaping tools.


“Trim it up here and there with little scissors, there probably like dollar scissors I use they work,” Eric reveals. “I don’t have any fancy like expensive shaving pack, I don’t want it to look to uniform.”


As for the more “hairy beard” look Eric says it is short lived.


“One of these days we will go back to the perfectly trimmed 80’s beard but not yet, we’re getting close though.”


Eric’s debut album, releasing tomorrow (2/4), includes his hit single,Friday Night.’


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