Eric Paslay Is Watching 2014 Winter Olympics For Sportsmanship and the Snowy Weather



Eric Paslay is really liking the winter competition. An estimated potential audience of three billion is watching The Winter Olympics.


Eric says you can count him as a viewer of the Olympic spirit in Russia.


“I always watch the Olympics,” Eric proclaims to Dan Van from Albright & O’Malley & Brenner. “You love what you can’t have a lot of and I think it’s such an amazing thing, strapping boards on your feet. I mean it’s further along than that but it’s just a cool thing.”


Eric also likes seeing something else during the Winter Olympics that you don’t get to see where he grew up.


“I grew up in Texas, so snow is like the Wizard of Oz to me, you don’t see it a lot so it’s cool to watch everyone do what they do and it’s a cool thing just for the world to watch all the best athletes that are great winter Olympians compete and the Olympics always has great sportsmanship in it I think because a lot of those people aren’t doing it for the money that’s for sure.”


Eric has a couple times where he really has his interest peaked in the Olympic games coverage.


“I always love the opening and closing ceremonies it’s just really neat to see people come together regardless of politics and all of that, it’ll be neat to see this year, and I’ll definitely be watching, it’ll be fun.”


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