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From Jackson County, Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee, 2Steel Girls are anything but a “Train Wreck.” This mother and daughter (Allison and Krystal, respectively) duo are here to stay. Starting off their career unexpectedly and by invitation to participate on NBC’s The Voice Season 3, they were fortunate to be on Team Blake (yes, Blake Shelton). In a few short years, they have accomplished more than they had dreamed of….The Voice, releasing a debut single (“Train Wreck“) on The Today Show with ‘Hoda and Kathy,’ released a CD, performed on the Hallmark Home & Family channel, RFD TV and so much more. They are associated with The Wounded Warrior Project via their latest Kickstarter campaign to honor all veterans including Allison’s Dad, a Vietnam veteran.

Their Kickstarter campaign seems born out of 2Steel Girls love for their fans and more importantly, the fans’ love of the duo. Rewards for donations toward this campaign will fund their second CD and 2Steel Girls will gift their fans with items ranging from autographs and music to a homecooked meal and a chance to be in the band!

These ladies have voices that are a force to be reckoned with, voices that come barreling at you like a speeding train, not a train wreck. They sing with intensity and confidence and spitfire. And when they sing something that is soft and gentle like “Forward“, the 2Steel Girls transfer that intensity and force into raw heartfelt emotions.

Allison and Krystal Steel have been blessed with talent and a strong fan base of supporters. 2Steel Girls is heading down the right track and it looks like they have no intention of slowing down.
GCO: You seem to have been blessed with an incredibly wonderful relationship with your fans from the moment you were introduced on The Voice, Season 3. What do you think your fans are connecting with that has allowed you to you develop such a strong and supportive fan base so quickly?

2Steel Girls: Honestly, I’m not quite sure what it is. We haven’t done anything revolutionary. We do work very hard, but we are just very honest with our fans and always try to stay true to who we are. We are goofy and dorky and redneck, and we are okay with that. I think people can relate to that. We’re just normal people like everyone else. We have good and bad days, but we are fighters. We always encourage our followers to never give up and to chase their dreams with everything that they have inside of them. That’s what we are doing. Honestly, we both know we’d have regrets if we never tried our hardest to make our dreams come true. For us, giving up just isn’t an option. We always try to figure out a way to make it work. It takes a lot of sacrifices, but one day we’ll be able to look back and be glad that we stuck with it and tried so hard. We’ll be living our dreams! Maybe that hits a chord with people. I sure hope it does. I’d love to be able to cheer them on in chasing their dreams too!

GCO: It is a testament of his confidence in your talent that you signed on (this past January) with Bernard Porter for PCG Nashville, Artists Development. Porter was instrumental in signing superstars Jason Aldean and Joe Diffie. PCG Nashville has also worked with Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Dixie Chicks, Darius Rucker and well over 1000 other artists. Was there anything in particular about 2Steel Girls
that PCG Nashville stated was a motivating factor in their decision to sign you for Artist Development?

2Steel Girls: Bernard really believes that we are going to make our dreams become reality. He believes not only that we have the talent, but the drive and work ethic it takes to make it happen. To have someone like him believing in us and cheering us on is incredible. He has helped assemble a team of people around us through PCG Nashville to help perfect our flaws and to make our strong points even stronger. And in this business that’s what we need. No one is ever born good at everything, and one person can’t be an expert in every aspect of the industry. So essentially, that’s what PCG Nashville does. They surround us with the experts we need to help us become better in all aspects of our career. We have learned a lot and it has really made us better performers and business people in the process. We couldn’t say enough good about Bernard. He is an incredible person.

GCO: Fan support helped you greatly with releasing your first single, “Train Wreck“, and your first CD through a Kickstarter campaign. You currently have a new Kickstarter campaign going to help get out your second CD. You are offering some really unique and amazing rewards for fans that are able to contribute and provide backing. But for 2Steel Girls, the success of this campaign presents you with the opportunity to work with Emmy Award winning songwriter and producer Trey Bruce. From MCA Music, Big Tractor Music, Big Machine, MCA/UMG, Capitol Records, including having produced for Chris LeDoux as well as Trace Adkins, Trey Bruce offers over 20 years experience in the industry. How did it come about that he wanted to record a CD with you and that he will personally pitch it to major record labels? This seems like a dream come true?

2Steel Girls: We had the opportunity of meeting Trey through Bernard. We sat down with him one day and kind of went through who we are and he really just got us. We think we’ve found the perfect fit for us. To be able to work with him is an incredible honor. This is really what we have been gearing up for with PCG and working with Bernard. We are going to make a new record with hit songs and really do this thing right and pursue labels with it. And we’ll have a team of people through Bernard, PCG Nashville and Trey that will help us reach the ears that need to hear it. We want to see our dreams come true and for us we honestly feel this is the right step we need to take. Our fans are incredible! And with their support we were able to make our first album and debut our very first single on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! I mean, how many people can honestly say that? We are blown away by our fans! And with their support we plan to make this next album an even bigger success! We have a lot more going for us this time around and a lot of the right people behind us. To make this happen on a larger scale it truly does take a village. We are blessed and incredibly honored to have their support in our journey!

GCO: On a much lighter note, working on Team Blake for The voice Season 3, must have been exciting in many ways. Aside from Blake Shelton’s renowned humorous nature, he definitely knows talent when he hears it. Although you didn’t make it through to the end was there one thing Blake Shelton told you both that really resonated with you and that you have tried to implement?

2Steel Girls: Blake truly is a great person. The main thing that he said that’s really stuck with us is to be confident and be yourself. I know that sounds so simple, but in this industry it’s so easy to be pressured into being something that you’re not to fit in to a certain mold or to think you are lesser than someone else because you do things a little different. Ya know though, he is right. You is the best person you can be! The way I look at it, everyone is never gonna like you anyway, so you may as well be happy and confident with who you are at the end of the day.

GCO: As a mother and daughter duo, it must sometimes get ‘complicated’ being together so much. What is it that you do together or separately to decompress in order to maintain your successful personal and business relationships?

2Steel Girls: In all honesty, we really do get along well. If we didn’t, I don’t think we’d be able to make this work. We are together a lot! Right now in our careers we handle almost everything ourselves, so it’s high stress at times busting out 70+ hour work weeks for months on end, plus living together, traveling together, performing together, etc. I see her more than anyone else in my life. Now I said we get along well, but that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna strangle each other every once in awhile. Lol. We are human. We have a little fire pit in our backyard that my dad built. When we have a free night we like to go out there and just sit as a family, have some drinks, roast hotdogs and just pick on each other. Haha. We are all very sarcastic, so it’s our way of showing love. When we need time apart, I love to go do something outdoors with my fiancé. I really love to hike, fish, and play sports. For me, that’s like heaven on earth. Allison also loves to fish and go target shooting. Now that I think about it, we aren’t real fancy. Haha. Oh, well.

My advice to all of our Got Country Online fans is to listen to 2Steel Girls. I promise you will be pleased you did and you will want to hop on board the 2Steel Girls train ride to stardom.  Make sure to check out their Kickstarter Campaign HERE, before time runs out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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