Got The Spotlight: Caroline Kole

Sweet, talented, and a girl with a big future – that is the best way to describe rising artist Caroline Kole. At the tender age of 17, the Tampa, FL native has found her place in country music, amassing fans in and out of the business and making a name for herself amongst some country heavyweights.
Initially active in sports, Kole found that it just wasn’t a right fit – “I wanted to do something that didn’t run a risk of hurting someone, I was such a klutz” she chuckles. At only eight years old she picked up a guitar and began performing a year later. At the age of 12 year life changed: on a trip to Nashville, arrangements were made for her to meet Narvel Blackstock, husband and manager of the legendary Reba McEntire.

“It was really weird how it happened” Kole says. “It was through a friend of a friend, and he had heard some of my songs. I was performing a show at The Bluebird Cafe (in Nashville) and next thing I see is Narvel and Reba walking through the door. It was surreal.”

Securing Narvel as her manager and Reba as a mentor, Kole and her parents made the ultimate decision to leave Tampa and move to Music City in 2011 after being offered a publishing and artist development deal with Sony/ATV. Still completing a physical education and having experiences of an average teenager, Kole gracefully handles the demands of completing her academics while opening on tour for McEntire and others and performing at her own shows;

“It’s amazing. You never which door is going to open and what opportunity is coming to come around. It’s definitely a crazy ride and I look forward to seeing where it goes.”

Now with her EP “Money to Me” having released two singles on Starstruck Records, it’s exciting to watch a big career unfold for this little lady, including providing vocals on Reba’s free single “Pray for Peace” along the likes of Kelly Clarkson.
In her senior year of high school, Kole is uncertain about pursuing college and is focusing on the here and now; music is her calling and career so she’s not pressuring herself on making a final decision just yet. She has aspirations of her own for her career:

“I want to perform on the Opry, to have a song I wrote cut, and somewhere in my career sell out Madison Square Garden”.

With her new single “If He’d Ever Look Up” dominating the CMT Pure 12 Pack Countdown, you can guarantee this little lady is well on her way to accomplishing those goals.
When she’s not hitting the books you can find her opening for Reba and others on select dates or headlining her own show. Make sure to watch “If He’d Ever Look Up” below then vote for it on CMT Pure 12 Pack Countdown here. For all update information, including events and releases, make sure to follow Caroline on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and check out her official website.

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