Got The Spotlight: Chase Bryant

With his grandfather having been a pianist for Roy Orbison and Waylon Jennings, and his uncles co-founders of the band successful ’90’s band “Richochet“, it’s no surprise that music came naturally to 21 year old Red Bow Records artist Chase Bryant. At the age of 2 he was given his first guitar and there was a light in his eyes;

“Growing up in my family there was no pressure to perform. A few of us do perform but we were allowed to chose, knowing it was a hardship. But I felt like I was destined for it.”

Beginning to write songs at around 11 years of age, Bryant developed his talents, graduated high school early and uprooted himself from the small town of Orange Grove, TX (est. population 1,200) to Los Angeles. Because of his Roy Orbison connection, someone suggested a meeting with Roy’s widow, the late Barbara Orbison, a prominent Nashville publisher, who signed Bryant on the spot, making him her final signing before she passed. This eventually led him to be signed with BBR Music Group imprint Red Bow Records in August 2013. With a new album dropping later this year, Bryant is hands on in all aspects of his debut; not only is he credited as a songwriter, but the album will display his phenomenal guitar skills and self-taught production genius.

“When they hear this record I want people to know that’s me”, says Bryant, “through and through. Growing up I heard stories about people going to listen to a song in their basement and listening from tracks 1 – 13 the entire record. I want this record to be something that anyone can turn on while driving in their car with the windows down or just hanging out……hopefully it will be the soundtrack to someone’s life.”

Being named one of “The Best Things We Saw at CMA Music Fest 2014” by Rolling Stone, Bryant is setting himself apart from other emerging artists by being involved in the entire process yet connecting with the audience –

“We’re all fans,” he says. “We’re all friends. And the music is our connection. To me, it’s a lifelong relationship and we’ll all get where we’re going together. That’s the beauty of music. This is the first chapter of my book, and I think people will find it defines where they’re at just as much as it defines where I’m at — because we’re the same – I’m just the guy with the guitar. If I wasn’t, I’d be the guy on the front row with his arm around his girl raising a glass to the guy onstage. ” Bryant also adds, ” I want people to understand that I’m the guy coming to play they’re parties. Something hooky without being repetitive. I want people to relate to me, to come hang with me, and come up and talk to me at a show.”

You can get the chance to see Chase Byrant as an opener on Brantley Gilbert‘s “Let It Ride” Tour, dates available at Listen to his new single “Take It On Back” below and get ready to purchase his new album later this year.

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