Got The Spotlight: James Wesley

“I want to be the guy who tells the stories, and tells it like it is.”

There is a common bond that I find amongst country music fans whether you live in the big city or a rural farmland community. The songs we enjoy the most are the ones that speak our truths. James Wesley speaks his truths. He tells stories that even if you haven’t lived them, you can certainly feel them, appreciate them.

Growing up in Mound Valley, Kansas, a town of about 200 people, is where James developed his core values of family, God, treating people right and doing what you are supposed to do. Blue collar, small town with values that come across clearly when you listen to the lyrics of many of his songs.

James Wesley eventually moved to Arkansas, met his wife and together they moved to Nashville where he continued to pursue his dream and was signed by Broken Bow Records. Still living in Nashville with his wife and two children, James has partnered with Farm Boy Brands alongside artists like Miranda Lambert and Craig Morgan.

This ruggedly handsome man has a “whiskey smooth voice.” It is expressive. Having grown up with sisters, he is not shy to show his softer side in some of his music. A few songs you will want to check out include “Jackson Hole“, “Real” and “Didn’t I.” I am particularly fond of “Walking Contradiction“. But the song that touches me the most is “Thank A Farmer“. This song was penned by Steve Bogard, Josh Thompson and Dustin Lynch. “Thank A Farmer” was inspired by the famously poignant 2013 Dodge Ram commercial which endorsed Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech.

We asked him a few questions, to help you get familiar with the man.

GCO: This is a two part question. Can you tell us one of your songs that someone should listen to that will give them a good sense of who you are? And can you tell us a song that you feel an affinity with, a song that maybe helped define the direction you wanted to take with your music?

JW: “One of my songs that someone should listen to that would give them a good sense of who I am would be… A song I wrote with my good friends, Joe Doyle and Jon Henderson, “You Can’t Stop A Prayer“. The song is about a young man that thinks he knows it all and says he has had enough of his mom and dad telling him what to do so he leaves home. After a few hard knocks, he realizes they were right and if it wasn’t for his mama praying for him he might not be alive. Prayer is definitely a big part of my life and just having faith to persevere.”

Real” was my first top 20 single and I feel this song will be around awhile because it is the truth. It talks about what is real in a world of Reality TV. I think in some ways people have been desensitized of what is real. When it’s all said and done, it’s family that matters in the end. “Real“, I think, defines me and who I am and my direction. I want to sing songs that are real, but I also have a sense of humor and love to sing fun songs too.”

GCO: What is a venue that you have played that gives you great pleasure to recall and what venue do you aspire to play?

JW: “The venue that I played that gives me great pleasure to recall was in Pensacola, FL at the Interstate Fair. I played an original song called “See You On The Radio” that I wrote with Phill O’Donnell and Bob DiPiero. When we were done playing the song, the boys and I got a standing ovation and the crowd wanted to hear it again. That was such an awesome feeling! Of course, we did it again. Lol.A venue that I aspire to play some day would be to play Madison Square Garden.”

GCO: You are partnered with Farm Boy Co-op & Feed Co. LLC. What drew you to this brand and what would you like the fans of country music
to know about Farm Boy Brand?

JW: “What drew me to the Farm Boy Brand was that it was that they had something for everyone. It was quality clothing, a way of life and the the owners of the company are great guys. What I would like the fans to know about Farm Boy Brand it that…this is a brand that fits me because this is where I grew up, small town, rural and a way of life. And, I know that there are a lot of my fans that grew up the same way as I did and that many still live in those small towns. God Bless those little towns!”

GCO: Is there a song that is so meaningful to you, so close to your heart, that it might even be difficult to sing live?

JW: “There is a song that is meaningful to me and that song is “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait. This was a song that I sang to my wife on our wedding day. Every time I hear it, it takes me back.”

GCO: As a family man, what would be one of your favorite ways to ‘get away from it all’ with your wife and children?

JW: “I am a family man and one of my favorite things to do is head to the lake with the family to go fish, set trot lines and, of course, swim. The kids love checking the lines, because you never know how big a fish you might catch. Disney World would be awesome too!”

I hope y’all take the time to check out James Wesley and follow him on his various social media sites like Twitter, Vevo, Myspace, and his website.
James Wesley is well worth your attention. Enjoy and remember to Thank a Farmer

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